The Light & Motion Solite 100 & 250 Boosts Power & Range

The Award-Winning Solite is the truly all-in-one four-season lighting solution for all your epic outdoor needs.

Monterey, CA – August 1, 2012 - It's a headlamp, helmet lamp, bike light, flashlight, cooking light, camping light, skiing light, hunting light, looking-for-your-energy-bar-deep-in-your-backpack light, adventure light, I'm-a-tiny-bit-afraid-of-the-dark light, “Honey, you seen my keys?” light, emergency light, reading light, my-light's-brighter-than-yours-light, my-3-year-old's-got-his-grubby-macaroni-and-cheese-covered-hands-on-my-light light, I-think-the-trail-is-this-way light, I-bet-I-can-do-this-with-my-Solite-100 or 250 light....

Lightweight and compact, the Solite lineup has been designed and optimized for versatile outdoor applications. The wide rubberized headstrap is perfect for use on helmets without vents for mounting. Apart from being some of the brightest headlamps on the market, the Solite 100 and 250 also feature safety red side lighting to maximize user visibility during urban adventures. Both lights now feature a “Read Mode” to offer 100 hours run time and utilize optimal optics for a perfect beam pattern.

The Solite's introduction at the Outdoor Winter Retailer last year was an instant hit. 3M awarded Light and Motion its IN-NEW-VATION award for he bold, innovative approach to a multi-purpose lighting system and Outside's GearJunkie recognized the Solite as a best in show. Consumers will quickly see why this light was regarded so highly.

Solite 100 & 250 offer 100% regulated lighting output, so you can get the full 250 lumens for 2.5 hours without any degrada¬tion or 5 hours on Medium output and 20 Hours on Low. The brightness won't diminish when you need it the most.

The Solite 100 & 250 also feature true battery charge status, an accurate representation of rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery life is displayed with a four-color LED indicator. Its Micro-USB charging port works with most cell phone chargers and many third-party portable solar-powered charging units - making the Solite both environmentally and epic adventure friendly. With a five hour charging time and up to 100-hour run-time, this is the go-to light you've been waiting for.

About Light and Motion:
We are enthusiasts who tread lightly by designing and building our products locally in Monterey California. We have been recognized for our pioneering business practices and a smart footprint including the 2011 “Cool California Award” for greenhouse gas reductions, the 2008 “California Small Business of the Year” award, and W.R.A.P. award for reducing our waste stream 5 years in a row. We are hands on through all phases of the product cycle and stand by our performance claims and back them up by publishing our test data at