The "Greenest" Adults Are Reading Sierra Magazine

San Francisco, CA—MRI’s Green Advocate profile describes SIERRA magazine’s audience of more than one million active, influential and environmentally-conscious readers.

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June 11, 2008
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The "Greenest" Adults Are Reading Sierra Magazine

San Francisco, CA—While 46% of U.S. adults neither think nor act Green, the 2% of the population who are self-described Green Advocates are among the most tech-savvy consumers, according to Mediamark Research & Intelligence's Survey of the American Consumer. And MRI's Green Advocate profile describes SIERRA magazine's audience of more than one million active, influential and environmentally-conscious readers.

SIERRA's readers are measured in MRI's syndicated studies and their lifestyle, values and behavior matches that of the Green Advocate segment identified and described by MRI. In addition, SIERRA was recognized by MRI in their Fall 2007 study as having the most influential audience when compared with the more than 200 other magazines and newspapers in the study. “This is pretty powerful confirmation that SIERRA is essential for any advertiser who is trying to reach the thought-leaders who are driving the mainstream “green” movement in America today," said Kristi Rummel, SIERRA's National Advertising Director. “If an advertiser wants to reach the market that creates the “green” trends today and tomorrow, they reach that market best in SIERRA.”

According to MRI's May 29, 2008 release, these are the most ecology-minded people: they recycle, drive hybrid cars, buy organic foods and actively preserve the environment. They comprise just 2% of the American population, but they are the activist vanguard for the Green movement. “Although they tend to be a relatively older group, Green Advocates are more likely to embrace technology than the other Green consumer segments, as well as more than the adult population as a whole,” said Anne Marie Kelly, Vice President of Marketing and Strategic Planning at MRI. “They are opinion leaders who research and read product reviews before buying new technology. And they are 65% more likely to give technology product advice about what they've learned to others.”

MRI describes Green Advocates as also 41% more likely to completely agree that technology helps make their life more organized; 36% more likely to be fascinated by new technologies; and 30% more likely to completely agree that computers are a good source of entertainment. They are also 24% more likely than the average U.S. adult to prefer to use the Internet when booking travel and 23% more likely to be comfortable conducting day-to-day banking online. “Environmental concerns are important to an increasing number of corporations,” said Kelly. “Marketers wishing to advance these concerns and be seen as a Green partner must reach those thought leaders who can, in turn, lead others.”

Source: MRI's Fall 2007 Survey of the American Consumer. Fieldwork: September 2006-October 2007

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Go to to view the May/June 2008 issue online. Our on-line media kit is available at A bimonthly, SIERRA is published by the Sierra Club, the oldest, largest, and most influential grassroots environmental organization in America, with 713,000 members nationwide. In 1893 the organization issued the first Sierra Club Bulletin, which became SIERRA in 1977. The bulk of SIERRA's paid circulation comes from readers who spend an average of $36 for membership in the Sierra Club. A recent study found that SIERRA readers consider the magazine to be the number-one benefit of club membership. With multiple readers per copy, SIERRA reaches a total audience of more than one million readers.

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