The East Coast Adventure Racing Series Welcomes Headsweats

The East Coast Adventure Racing Series has named Headsweats as the Official Headwear Sponsor for the 2012 race season.

Headsweats Perspiration Technology Headwear was just announced as the Official Headwear Sponsor of the East Coast Adventure Racing Series (ECARS).

The East Coast Adventure Racing Series (ECARS) was founded in 2010 by American Adventure Sports owner Doug Crytzer with the goal of growing the sport of Adventure Racing in a positive direction. In its inaugural year (2011), ECARS was composed of five race companies: NYARA, GOALS, Odyssey, Rev3, and American Adventure Sports. Moving into they're second year, four new companies have joined the coalition: Pangea Adventure Racing, Gungho, Kando and Untamed New England.

Headsweats was founded in 1998 by Alan Romick. Romick, a cycling enthusiast, was frustrated with the perils of sweat/sunscreen blindness and the patterned sunburn caused by a bike helmet, so he set out to create a technologically-advanced product that would solve his problems. Only a few years after their creation, Headsweats were the secret weapon of many cyclists, marathoners, and adventure racers. Making an appearance on a Tour de France rider on the front of the New York Times sports section gave away the secret, and Headsweats quickly rocketed to the top as one of the most valuable pieces of equipment to athletes of all varieties.

Due to Headsweats' popularity among Adventure Racers, and the triumphant success of the East Coast Adventure Racing Series, it was only a matter of time before these organizations teamed up. Headsweats joins the team of sponsors with some other top-of-the-line companies such as SOG Specialty Knives and Tools, Scott Sports, Darn Tough, Princeton Tec, Switch Eyewear, Greenlayer, Kigo Footwear, Grand Trunk, Cablz, Elete Electrolytes, and Honey Stinger.


Beth Brewster Hired by Headsweats

In an ongoing commitment to innovative design and use of technology, Headsweats has hired Beth Brewster as Product Line Manager to elevate their ability to craft the best headwear for athletes, racers and general fitness enthusiasts. “We chose Beth to be part of the Headsweats more