The Best Outdoor Lights Know No Limits: Princeton Tec

When American Adventure Sports put our first Princeton Tec Apex Pro in 2009 and hit the trail we couldn’t believe our eyes. Since then, the lamps have only gotten better and brighter.

When American Adventure Sports put our first Princeton Tec Apex Pro in 2009 and hit the trail we couldn't believe our eyes. Since then, the lamps have only gotten better and brighter. At the recent Outdoor Retailer Summer Market show we were given the opportunity to check out the company's Spectrum custom headlamp program. For a small cost customers were able to choose and configure their lamp in basically any color combination they could think of, offering the same process available on We watched in awe as marketing coordinator George Chevalier and outdoor/bike division manager Justin Kline assembled the lamps in literal minutes form the neatly arrayed grouping of bins, each piled high with brightly colored plastic parts. The company is currently offering this program for one of our favorite lamps the FUEL. While every OR show brings exciting advances in outdoor gear and PT's new color program is just down right fun, we were really there to examine the lamps available for the race course in 2013.

Princeton Tec headlamps are essential to adventure racers and anybody else who needs a dependable light source during their outdoor pursuits. Adventure racers put their gear through nearly every type of physical activity and weather condition Mother Nature can dish out. If racers headlamps aren't performing perfectly it not only jeopardizes their safety but can cost them the race. To be frank that's why we only race with Princeton Tec's The Apex Pro models. You can put them in any condition, submerge them in water, drop them down a cliff and the headlamp is still going to turn on for you and keep you moving.

TeamSOG racer and Pediatric Occupational Therapist Kristin Eddy quotes: “Put the Princeton Tec Push on your bike and wear the APEX Pro on your head and you might as well be racing in daylight. These lights haven't failed us yet after racing with them for a number of years and are unsurpassed on quality and dependability in the headlamp world. If you're a multi-sport athlete, outdoor enthusiast, or just like being outside at night there isn't another brand to turn on in our eyes.”

Because we know how great the Apex's are for long term light we were ecstatic upon discovery of the new APEX RECHARGEABLE model. The lamp weighs in at 283 grams, burns at 200 lumens via four Ultrabright LED's and one Maxbright LED for up to 90 hours, has a rechargeable lithium ion battery pack which clips to the headstrap, or can be moved to the user's belt or stashed in their pack with an extended power cable. A USB charging cable comes standard with the headlamp, making it easy to replenish the battery whether at home or overseas. With a single Regulated Maxbright LED partnered with four white Regulated Ultrabright LEDs, the Apex provides either a powerful spot beam or a bright flood - two big buttons make switching between modes easy. The lamp also comes with anything you could need for mounting including a Velcro strap to mount to your bike helmet, a head strap bracket, head strap, crown strap, a remote lithium ion rechargeable battery, 42” extension cord, and USB charging cable. PTEC has been pioneering new technologies and building lights for more than three decades explaining why they make such an amazing product-- experience and know how.

Princeton Tec quotes: “We are constantly inspired by what our ever evolving environments have to offer and the human spirit that challenges us to tackle them. This spirit, our spirit, motivates us to push technology and design, so that we can ensure that you have not only the best lighting solutions, but solutions where technology is applied and the performance makes sense for how you use them.”

Any outdoor enthusiast knows the importance of having a quality headlamp and we are positive that every outdoors man or woman will love Princeton Tec Headlamps. Wherever your outdoor passion lies, there is a light made specifically for you. There is no other headlamp out there that can perform this well.

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