The #1 selling hitch rack in North America just got better, the all-new Thule T2 is here.


Celebrating the 10-year anniversary, Thule announces the launch of the all-new Thule T2. Its sleeker design is focused on ease of use, increased vehicle and ground clearance, and tool free installation. Using consumer feedback in conjunction with both lab and life tests, this T2 is now even more bomb proof.

Seymour, Conn., June 30, 2015 –
Thule Test Program™: The Thule T2 has been tested more than any other hitch rack on the market, and the result is an even stronger version for 2016. Since launching the original Thule T2 in 2005, Thule technicians have logged over 500 hours of testing in our lab to make sure it remained bullet proof over the years. But just as important as the lab tests is how the rack performs in the real world. For the past 10 years, consumers have carried over 3.5 million bikes and have traveled 28 million miles with the Thule T2, which is more consumer testing than any other bike rack on the market. And now, the new Thule T2 model has been pushed even further to withstand daily use by passing an enhanced and more robust Thule Test Program™. This heightened global testing protocol featured increased weight on the rack during road and lab tests compared to the previous Thule T2, as well as increased environmental standards to ensure the new Thule T2 stands the test of time.
Ease of use: From the aesthetic design to the key features, every detail was considered and tested to ensure the new Thule T2 will be the #1 selling hitch rack for the next 10 years. Much like the original Thule T2, the design of the new version was focused on ease of use. With one fluid motion, you can raise and lower the rack from the front, and the tool-free AutoAttach system allows the rack to attach and detach from the vehicle quickly.

Increased clearance: The new Thule T2 has increased the clearance throughout the rack to improve overall ease of use and performance. First, the distance between the rack and the vehicle was increased by 40%. Then, an additional inch between each bike was added for easy loading and unloading. Lastly, the ground clearance was increased by 35% when tilting the rack down for more access to the rear of the vehicle.

Thule Perfect Fit: The goal of the new Thule T2 was to create the perfect fit for all sized bikes, from 20” to 29” wheels. The redesigned ratcheting arm holds a road bike on one adventure and a fat bike with full suspension on the next. In addition, we have lengthened the bike loading platforms to accommodate today’s larger wheel based downhill bikes.

After 10 years of being the #1 selling hitch rack in North America, the new Thule T2 is focused on ease of use, enhanced ground clearance and tested to the highest levels in the industry. Millions of bikes and millions of miles later, the new Thule T2 is ready to handle anything thrown at it.

Available: January 2016
Thule T2 9034 (2” Hitch, 2 bikes): $529.95
Thule T2 9035 (1 ¼” Hitch, 2 bikes): $529.95
Thule T2 Add-On 9036 (2” Hitch only): $399.95

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