Textronics Introduces Innovative New Heart Sensing Shirt for Men

NuMetrex Cardio Shirt for men follows successful launch of NuMetrex sports bra for women.

Wilmington, DE -Textronics, a pioneer in the development of high tech textile electronic systems, announces the launch of their second consumer product, the NuMetrex Cardio Shirt for men. The NuMetrex Cardio Shirt was designed to give men an alternative to the cumbersome chest straps which usually accompany heart rate monitors. Chest straps tend to slip, chafe and loosen during workouts, the NuMetrex Cardio Shirt eliminates this problem.

The innovative NuMetrex Cardio Shirt integrates special sensory fibers right into the fabric. This conductive fabric picks up the heart's pulse then sends it to a compatible watch or cardio machine via a tiny transmitter that is snapped into a pocket on the shirt.

Last year, Textronics successfully introduced their first consumer product, the NuMetrex heart sensing sports bra for women. Immediately, they saw the demand for a comparable product for men. “As soon as we launched the bra, men began asking when a similar performance product would be available for them, so we immediately started work on the prototype for the shirt,” says Meg Burich, Marketing Director of Textronics.

David Long, a Heart Zones Master Trainer and owner of Live Long Fitness gym, was one of the first to test out this new product. He says “It's a great product, it's comfortable, easy to wear and I don't even know I have the monitor on."

Constructed with an advanced wicking fabric, the Cardio shirt has a relaxed fit and is machine washable. The sleeveless style can be worn alone or as a first layer. This new product will make its debut to retail buyers at The Running Event which takes place November 12, 2006 in Austin, TX and will be available for purchase online November 20th at www.numetrex.com. MSRP: $55.00 for shirt $120.00 for kit which includes the shirt, a Polar(R) wear link transmitter and a Polar (R) FS1 watch.
About Textronics, Inc.
Textronics is a leader in the development and production of electro-textiles or “e-textiles,” which are fabric systems integrated with micro-electronics that can conduct, warm, illuminate or sense. The company's unique product solutions are based on technology that includes conductive elastic yarns, variable resistive polymers, flexible conductive interconnect cables, and physiological monitoring sensors and garments. In addition to sports, apparel and wellness applications, the company's technology has applicability in markets such as medical, military, transportation, and electronics. Textronics works with partners in these industries to develop electro-textile solutions that offer enhanced comfort, safety, efficiency, wellness, aesthetics, entertainment and communications. The company is a spin-off from INVISTA S.a.r.l., formerly DuPont Textiles and Interiors. Textronics, Inc. is located in Wilmington, Delaware, U.S.A. For more information, visit www.textronicsinc.com.


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