Tennis Coach To Promote Kettlebell Training To Help Disadvantaged Kids Cope In A Post-Katrina World

Tennis pro, Thomas L. d'Aquin, founded the Aces Tennis Foundation with a mission to help disadvantaged kids learn tennis and learn how to stay fit. Principal locations are in Baton Rouge and Biloxi. Trying to break out of his own training plateau, he discovered that 300-year-old kettlebells are ideal not only for tennis improvement, but for overall conditioning. His next project is to work with the Gulf area casinos to sponsor the repair of the hurricane damage public tennis facilities and to establish kettlebell training for kids in the region.

February 27, 2007 Biloxi Mississippi -- Thomas L. d'Aquin loves tennis, and ever since he was five years old, wanted to be a tennis teacher. He's achieved that goal, and more, having been a past coach of Chris Everett Lloyd. But now he set his sights on using tennis as the fitness and social medium to bootstrap economically disadvantaged youths.

A self-professed "fitness nut", d'Aquin is excited about his recent discovery of kettlebells and what it has done for his own fitness and tennis game, but more importantly what it can do for the kids. Kettlebells look like cannon balls with handles attached. The users swing them in precise motions to exercise multiple body parts in a very short amount of time. The training technique has fostered for hundreds of years in Russia amongst their elite athletes. "Kettlebells are effective because, unlike weights, they totally harmonize with your body", said d'Aquin.

d'Aquin is now working with various associations in the Mississippi and Louisiana coast area to find sponsorships to repair public tennis facilities that were damaged by hurricane Katrina. But what really excites him is the prospect of also finding sponsorship to outfit his Aces Tennis Foundation with kettlebells and tailor the training specifically for kids.

"We're currently trying to figure out how we're going to do it. I'm having purposeful dialogue with the Beau Rivage Casino & Hotel, the Imperial Palace Casino & Hotel, and the Isle of Capri Casino & Hotel. We are trying to work out dates and times, sponsorships, and logistics of getting this initiated", said d'Aquin.

He added, "I'm also working with KettleBell Concepts of New York on tailoring the current kettlebell training protocols that are more geared for adults, to be apropos for kids kindergarten through sixth grade. The ultimate goal is to show the educators and physical trainers in the Gulf area, the advantage of kettlebells, as opposed to typical weight training that we've grown up with. "

According to Dave Ganulin, CEO of KettleBell Concepts, "We are thoroughly impressed with Tom's tireless work
in bringing hope to the kids in the Katrina ravaged areas. We look forward to supporting Tom in his efforts to adapt kettlebell training to a youth level, not only for tennis improvement but for all round physical fitness for these kids."

The Kettlebell training will be for both tennis-specific sports improvement and all-around physical fitness. "I hope that all the kids will become tennis pros and use kettlebells to improve their game and their bodies", summarized d'Aquin.

About the Aces Tennis Foundation
The Aces Tennis Foundation is a national award winning 501 c-3 nonprofit dedicated to improving the lives of multicultural at-risk youth by introducing them to fitness and the sport of tennis. Originally started in Anchorage, Alaska, the Foundation now has two new locations in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Biloxi, Mississippi. For more information on sponsorship and participation in the upcoming youth programs, contact Rev. Thomas L. d'Aquin, Founder and President Aces Tennis Foundation, (225) 614-7100 or visit .

About KettleBell Concepts
KettleBell Concepts, based in New York City, supplies both kettlebells and kettlebell instructor trainings to health clubs personal trainers and boot camps all over the world. Its courses are CEC/U approved by the NASM, NSCA, ACE, AFAA, ISSA and other governing organizations.

The company has trained over 500 instructors internationally. It has instituted kettlebell training at Equinox health clubs, Spectrum health clubs, La Palestra Center for Preventative Medicine, Highland Park Hospital and many others. For further information call (800) 876-6090, email, or visit


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