Technogym named as exclusive provider of fitness equipment for the Torino Olympics

Company To Equip 19 Workout Centres In Torino With 6,000 Pieces of Fitness Equipment

Nineteen training centers with a total of six thousand pieces, from cardiovascular machines to strength, benches, dumbbells, pulleys and free weights will be available for athletes competing in this 2006 Torino Winter Olympic Games. Naturally, all the latest, top of the line technology from Technogym, the official, exclusive provider for athletes and technical staff alike.
Innovations abound amongst the machines the athletes and all the Olympic team will be using. Top of the list, the internationally patented cardio novelty, Cardio Wave. With a smooth side to side gliding movement, the cardio workout has taken a new direction. Similar to skating, three combined movements work the glutes, legs and core for a workout 20% more efficient than any other cardio machine to date. The graceful and revolutionary Kinesis, a true free movement platform, will give precision to athletes workout needs. And the Technogym System with the TCS key and computerized monitoring capacity will help athletes and their trainers record and follow their preparation consistently.
It's not the first time Technogym - technological leader in equipment for rehabilitation and wellness - has been chosen at official exclusive suppliers for the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Torino 2006 is a continuing encore after both Sydney 2000 and Athens 2004. More than 4,500 athletes, and the entire Toroc and Olympic committee staff will be back on the equipment they know from before.
The Olympic games naturally compliment Technogym's many prestigious sporting partnerships, such as with the Ferrari F1 drivers, Alinghi and Prada America's Cup teams along with top football clubs like Juventus, Milan, Inter, Real Madrid, Liverpool, Barcellona, Chelsea and Ajax, Technogym continues to excel as the chosen company for optimal technology and service.