Team Comprised of Six Athletes Focuses on Multi-Day and Multi-Sport Expeditions Worldwide

Tender Corporation, a leader in first aid, survival gear, and bug repellents, is excited to announce they have joined forces with Team Adventure Medical Kits® for the 2017 adventure race season. Team Adventure Medical Kits is comprised of six athletes that focus on multi-day and multi-sport expedition races that take place around the world.  In March, the team completed their first race of the season, the GODZone Adventure Race, an epic event in Queenstown, New Zealand.

Team Adventure Medical Kits is an accomplished squad of six adventure racers including Kyle Peter, Garret Bean, Mari Chandler, Rob Preston, Aaron Johnson, and Erik Sanders. Tender Corporation’s very own Kyle Peter, captain of Team Adventure Medical Kits, has lead teams to first place finishes in the last four U.S. National Championships and to second and third place finishes in the World Championships. Kyle and his team’s consistent success over the years has earned them the respect of the global adventure racing community.

“Safety is imperative to every adventure racing team’s success, and that’s why the team partners with us to bring Tender Corporation’s medical kits, survival gear, and bug repellent to the most remote and rugged places on earth,” said Frank Meyer, Chief Marketing Officer at Tender Corporation. “In turn, the team provides us with critical feedback on existing products and puts products in development to the test.”

“Adventure racing takes equal parts strategy, athleticism and first aid know-how for success,” said Kyle Peter, captain of Team Adventure Medical Kits and Sales Manager at Adventure Medical Kits. “Through this journey we use Tender Corporation’s products to ensure that we are on top of our game and as safe and healthy as we can be to get to the finish.”

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About Tender Corporation 
Tender Corporation’s headquarters have been nestled in the heart of the White Mountains in Littleton, New Hampshire since 1975.  The company is the proud manufacturer of the world-famous insect bite treatment, After Bite®, and now also has a breadth of brands spanning the preparedness industry. From a full line of well-known insect repellents, Ben’s® and Natrapel®, to first aid and emergency preparedness brands like Adventure Medical Kits®, Easy Care First Aid™, Survive Outdoors Longer and After Burn® – they’ve got you covered.  Always striving to be on the forefront of innovation, many of Tender’s products are packaged in ways that allow them to be both convenient to use and environmentally friendly.


Photo credit: Team Adventure Medical Kits