Taste the Sweeter Side of Tap Water with Guyot Designs™ TapGuard™

Guyot Designs, Inc. announces the scheduled release of the first ever of its kind, wide-mouth water bottle companion used to enhance the flavor of tap water, the TapGuard.

Deer Isle, ME – Guyot Designs, Inc., a leading innovator in outdoor accessories products, announces today the scheduled release of the first ever of its kind, wide-mouth water bottle companion, the TapGuard. The TapGuard significantly reduces the amount of chlorine and other chemicals that give tap water that unpleasant taste. The TapGuard also fits into all 53mm wide-mouth bottles including CamelBak, Nalgene and GSI as well as Guyot's own Stainless Steel "Green Bottle".

"It makes the water you drink, wherever you find it, taste better," says Guyot Designs co-founder Sloan Russell. “This isn't a 'filter' that's going to take care of Giardia or seriously contaminated water. What it does do, is effortlessly turn millions of perfectly safe taps and water fountains into a more attractive and better-tasting source for on-the-go drinking water.”

Guyot Designs continues to operate and design its products with a green lifestyle focus. The TapGuard was inspired by a desire to keep plastic out of landfills, notes Russell. “Our hope is that people can use the TapGuard and an eco-friendly reusable wide mouth instead of buying a one-use plastic water bottle that may or may not get recycled.”

The TapGuard will hit store shelves late summer with an MSRP of $14.95. With a lightweight silicone body, it comes standard with two replaceable activated carbon cartridges, each designed to work on at least 100 liters of water.

The Guyot Designs TapGuard will be available for viewing at the Outdoor Retailer Trade Show later this summer in Salt Lake City, Utah. Guyot Designs is slated to be located at booth number 34177.

Based in beautiful northern Maine, Guyot Designs is a new type of outdoor products company—one where environmental and social responsibility, as well as corporate ethics, stand on equal footing with innovation, creativity, and quality. Guyot's creations, including the Universal SplashGuard, the “Green Bottle” line, and the highly acclaimed FireFly LED bottle light, are available at REI, Eastern Mountain Sports, Dick's Sporting Goods, and many other outdoor retailers. To learn more about Guyot, including their first-in-the-nation “C-Minus” program, where emissions from product development and distribution are not just carbon neutral, but “carbon negative,” visit www.guyotdesigns.com.



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