Tarma Designs Takes on the Outdoor Market as New Jewelry Line Offered

Tarma Designs – makers of outdoor-inspired jewelry crafted from recycled stainless steel – has found a home in one of the nation’s largest outdoor retailers, Recreational Equipment, Inc., better known as REI.

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PETALUMA, CA – Tarma Designs – makers of outdoor-inspired jewelry crafted from recycled stainless steel – has found a home in one of the nation's largest outdoor retailers, Recreational Equipment, Inc., better known as REI. Beginning this spring, 54 of REI's 90-plus stores will offer a selection of the eco-friendly earrings, pendants and wristbands.

“This is an exciting endeavor for us,” said Sky George, co-owner of Tarma Designs. “Retailers are beginning to recognize the significance of jewelry crossing over into the outdoor market and a consumer interest in accessories that fit active lifestyles. Having our jewelry displayed in the stores of such a reputable outdoor retailer like REI is a major milestone for us.”

REI will offer 12 styles from Tarma's jewelry line, including lifestyle pieces that depict active and outdoor activities, such as the Road Bike and Sun Salutation, and nature-inspired pieces that bring organic shapes to life, including the Cairn, Shell and Wave. Prices range from $20 for earrings to $25 for adjustable wristbands and pendants, and the jewelry will be available in a variety of new colors and finishes for spring.

“Tarma jewelry will appeal to REI's customers because of the outdoor-themed designs and the use of recycled materials,” said Doug Peterson, product manager for REI. “The core of what REI sells will always be gear and clothing for outdoor adventures, but we also offer a small variety of products that our customers can use every day. Tarma jewelry can evoke memories of outdoor experiences and allow the wearer to show her passion for adventure. Additionally, when you want to buy a present for an outdoorsy friend and you don't know what kind of gear they need, Tarma jewelry will make a welcome gift.”

Tarma jewelry is designed with the outdoor enthusiast in mind, crafted from durable materials like nylon and polyester – already established within the outdoor market – and incorporating unique design elements such as carabiner clasps on pendants and adjustable wristband clasps modeled after climbing harnesses. Made from lightweight, recycled 316L stainless steel, the jewelry will never tarnish and can sustain wear in water or use during any outside activity.

“The REI customer is always on the move – gearing up for the next trail ride or backwoods hiking excursion,” said George. “Tarma jewelry can always come along and only gets better with continued wear, no matter where the outdoor adventure may lead.”

In addition to outfitting outdoor enthusiasts with high quality gear, REI is committed to reducing its environmental impact through conscious and responsible business practices. Tarma is guided by a belief in social and ethical responsibilities for businesses, as is reflected in its use of earth-friendly, sustainable jewelry materials. Additionally, REI donates millions of dollars each year in support of conservation and outdoor-recreation nonprofits and causes. The company employees also organize volunteer efforts such as building trails, cleaning up beaches and teaching outdoor ethics to children.

Tarma Designs blends sustainable, high-quality materials, distinct design elements and the spirit of adventure and exploration to create its line of fashionable and environmentally conscious personal art. The Active line brings a love of the outdoors to life for men and women with symbols inspired by active adventures immortalized in recycled stainless steel pendants, earrings, wristbands and bottle openers. For more information, visit www.tarmadesigns.com. Editorial media may contact On the Horizon Communications at (805) 773-1000 or jordan@thepressroom.com for additional information, images or product samples.