Tarma Designs Supports Female Empowerment With Truth Be Told Retreat

Tarma Designs has partnered with Yoga Journal Magazine and renowned yoga instructor Seane Corn to offer one woman a paid scholarship to attend the Truth Be Told women’s empowerment retreat in Costa Rica.
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Tarma Designs, creator of recycled stainless steel jewelry that reflects its wearer's unique spirit, has partnered with Yoga Journal Magazine and renowned yoga instructor Seane Corn to offer one woman a paid scholarship to attend the Truth Be Told women's empowerment retreat August 25 – September 1, 2007 in Costa Rica.

The Truth Be Told retreat – offered by Adventure Yoga Retreats, LLC – will bring together a collective of women from diverse backgrounds and of varying ages for a seven-day transformational journey including yoga, meditation, singing, dancing and ritual, in an effort to empower them to find their voice, speak their truth, awaken their passions and take leadership roles in their communities.

Nationally celebrated yoga teachers Seane Corn and Ashley Turner, vocalist and songwriter Suzanne Sterling and activist and environmentalist Julia Butterfly Hill will host the retreat at the Nosara Retreat Center in Costa Rica.

“We are so excited to provide one lucky woman with an opportunity to more fully explore her truth and the great power that comes from this process,” said Stephanie George, co-owner of Tarma Designs. “Tarma strongly stands behind individuals who pursue their passions and follow their spirit, so we feel great about supporting someone wanting to attend this retreat.”

The Tarma Scholarship Award includes breakfast, dinner and boarding at the retreat and a $500 airfare award. To enter to win the Tarma Scholarship Award, interested women are asked to complete a 75-word essay based on one (or more) of the following questions:

-How do you find your authentic voice and what is your path?
-What does it mean to speak and live your truth?
-When has your truth transformed your life or the lives of others?
-Give an example of a time when telling the hard truth impacted you and your community in a positive way.
-How can living your truth transform the world?
-How do you hope to be inspired by this retreat and why is it important to you at this time?

Only one Tarma Scholarship will be awarded. Essays can be emailed to truthbetold@tarmadesigns.com or mailed to Tarma Designs at 1722 Dorset Drive, Petaluma, CA, 94954. The submission deadline is June 30, 2007.

For additional details on the Tarma Scholarship Award, visit www.tarmadesigns.com/yoga.

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