Talus provides gear for spina bifida awareness climb on Mt. Rainier

Climbing 4 Spina Bifida tops the Cascade's highest peak with ColdAvenger in tow

Talus Outdoor Technologies, LLC is proud to report a successful recent summit of Mount Rainier by the Climbing 4 Spina Bifida team. Talus is the official facemask of Climbing 4 Spina Bifida. Climbers Joe Lesson, Brian Janes and Gwen Hobbs spent five days on the mountain in a severe snowstorm before Janes and Hobbs reached the 14,411-feet summit April 20th.

Mount Rainier, in Washington, is an active volcano and the highest peak in the Cascade Range. With 26 major glaciers, Mount Rainier is the most heavily glaciated peak in the lower 48 states.

The Climbing 4 Spina Bifida team wore Talus ColdAvenger face masks. The ColdAvenger features soft shell wind resistant Polartec fleece and a medical grade polyurethane ventilator that mixes inhaled cold air with exhaled warm air to achieve a dynamic balance of warmth and humidity to protect the airways from the damaging cold while keeping the face dry. The ColdAvenger's patent-pending technology keeps temperatures inside the mask 40˚– 60˚F higher than outside air.

Climbing 4 Spina Bifida is a non-profit organization focused on climbing to raise awareness and money to fight the birth defect that affects up to 2,000 newborns in America each year. The climbers who donate their time and money say their passion for the outdoors is the perfect outlet for drawing attention to the cause.

“Mountains are so strong and inspiring that they're the perfect connection to our mission for healthy babies,” says climber Joe Lesson, “We're behind this effort because we're grateful for our ability to climb, and we want kids to grow up to be able to do the same thing.”

Spina Bifida is the most common neural tube birth defect, which results from the bones in the spine not forming properly. Spina Bifida develops in the early stages of pregnancy and can most commonly be attributed to folic acid deficiencies. Among its messages, Climbing 4 Spina Bifida reminds women of the importance of folic acids like leafy greens and legumes in the daily diet.

Founded and headquartered in Missoula, Montana, Talus Outdoor Technologies™ is a leading innovator in technologically-advanced outdoor gear. Talus is dedicated to helping outdoor enthusiasts Stay Out Longer.™ In 2007, Talus introduced the ColdAvenger®, an advanced, high-quality cold weather protection mask developed by a physician and a skier. The ColdAvenger® is the result of more than two years of research and development testing in Northern Rocky Mountain winters to achieve four functional goals: thermal comfort, ventilation adequacy, moisture control and ease of breathing during exercise. Talus is proud to provide an elite product while being socially and environmentally conscious.


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