Talus Outdoor Technologies Offers Flame Resistant Technology

ColdAvenger’s product line is expanding to include American-made flame resistant certified Expedition Balaclava

Missoula, MT—Talus Outdoor Technologies, LLC®, maker of the ColdAvenger line of cold weather protective gear has padded its product inventory with a new, American-made FRC Expedition Balaclava (flame resistant certified) model.
The soft, flexible plastic ventilator is made with proprietary FRC resin blend (meets UL 94 V-O flame resistant standards) and the Polartec® Thermal FR® fabric combines the performance benefits of fleece with the protection of permanent flame and arc resistance (ASTM D6413, NFPA 70E, NFPA 2112). Not only does this model protect occupational workers from hazardous flames and electrical arc, but also helps protect the lungs, airway and face from damaging cold, dry air and reduce the effects of cold-induced asthma.
“The ColdAvenger Expedition FRC line is the ultimate combination of health, performance, protection and comfort,” says Talus CEO John Sullivan III. “Occupational workers and recreationalists alike will appreciate the injury preventing qualities and overall protection of the ColdAvenger.”
The ventilator mixes inhaled cold air with exhaled warm air to achieve a dynamic balance of warmth and humidity to protect the airways from the damaging cold, while keeping moisture away from the face. The Talus ColdAvenger's patent-pending ventilation technology actually keeps temperatures inside the mask 40˚– 60˚F higher than outside air. The ventilator hooks on both sides of the hood with soft high quality and durable hook-and-loop, and is completely removable. It can accommodate a hydration tube, or a headset and/or microphone. The neck gaiter is cut on an angle, coming down lower in front to provide complete coverage and protection of the neck and upper chest.

Founded and headquartered in Missoula, Montana, Talus Outdoor Technologies™ is a leading innovator in technologically-advanced outdoor gear. Talus is dedicated to helping outdoor enthusiasts Stay Out Longer.™ In 2007, Talus introduced the ColdAvenger®, an advanced, high-quality cold weather protection mask developed by a physician and a skier. The ColdAvenger® is the result of more than two years of research and development testing in Northern Rocky Mountain winters to achieve four functional goals: thermal comfort, ventilation adequacy, moisture control and ease of breathing during exercise. Talus is proud to provide an elite product while being socially and environmentally conscious. www.talusoutdoortech.com Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/coldavengerpro and Facebook: www.facebook.com/coldavengerpro