Talus Outdoor Tech Joins Premier Winter Buying Group with Unique Sell-

The ColdAvenger winter protection solution is available through Snowsports Merchandising Corporation

Missoula, MT—September 29, 2011--Talus Outdoor Technologies, LLC®, maker of the revolutionary ColdAvenger line of cold weather protective gear, is partnering with premier buying group Snowsports Merchandising Corporation, offering its retail members immediate sell-in and delivery in 2011/2012.
Talus Outdoor Technologies enhances SMC members' retail buying experience by expediting delivery of ColdAvenger face masks for the winter buying season. ColdAvenger face masks will be available to stock retailers' shelves this Fall, 2011.
“We needed a boost in retail outlets in the northeast, so I'm excited by this partnership with Snowsports Merchandising Corporation,” says John Sullivan III, CEO of Talus Outdoor Technologies. “I also feel that we are offering a unique buying proposition and value-add to these retailers who already utilize and trust Snowsports buying group.”
“SMC is proud to partner with Talus and the unique ColdAvenger line of cold weather protective gear, in time to deliver a great product that will enhance the specialty retail reputation our stores work so hard to maintain,” says SMC.
The ColdAvenger's soft medical-grade polyurethane nose and mouth chambers mixes inhaled cold air with exhaled warm air to achieve a dynamic balance of warmth and humidity while keeping moisture away from the face. The fabric is windproof, water resistant, and has a comfortable stretch to fit the face, ears and neck. The ColdAvenger's patent-pending ventilation technology keeps temperatures inside the mask 40-60 degrees warmer than outside air while allowing total free breathing.

Snowsports Merchandising Corporation is the premier buying group of specialty ski and snowboard shops in the United States. Snowsports Merchandising Corporation provides member retailers with a collection of programs and services designed to increase their profitability, support their customer service, and enhance their knowledge in an ever-changing snowsports industry.

Founded and headquartered in Missoula, Montana, Talus Outdoor Technologies™ is a leading innovator in technologically-advanced outdoor gear. Talus is dedicated to helping outdoor enthusiasts Stay Out Longer.™ In 2007, Talus introduced the ColdAvenger®, an advanced, high-quality cold weather protection mask developed by a physician and a skier. The ColdAvenger® is the result of more than two years of research and development testing in Northern Rocky Mountain winters to achieve four functional goals: thermal comfort, ventilation adequacy, moisture control and ease of breathing during exercise. Talus is proud to provide an elite product while being socially and environmentally conscious. www.talusoutdoortech.com Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/coldavengerpro and Facebook: www.facebook.com/coldavengerpro