Super Sherpas Summit Everest and Set New World-Record

Super Sherpas Summit Everest and Set New World-Record

Super Sherpas Summit Everest & Set New World-Record

Santa Rosa, CA – Apa Sherpa, the man who has already climbed Mount Everest 16 times, and Lhakpa Gelu Sherpa, who holds the fasted recorded speed ascent of the mountain, reached the summit of Everest again this morning at 8:44 AM with five other Sherpas – setting a new world-record by Apa Sherpa, who has now stood on top of the highest mountain in the world a remarkable 17 times. The all-Sherpa expedition includes team members Ang Rita Sherpa, Ang Pasang Sherpa, Pasang Gylzen, Pemba Ringee Sherpa, Mingma Sherpa and cinematographer, Dawa Sherpa. The expedition, aptly named “Super Sherpas,” has received international attention in recent weeks and is proudly sponsored by Marmot Mountain, LLC.

“This is a premier example of the kind of expedition Marmot likes to sponsor – with the quality people we want to support” explains Tom Fritz, Vice President of Marketing for Marmot. “Apa Sherpa and I have worked together many times before and it is fantastic to have helped him realize his Everest dreams – again!” adds Fritz, who sponsored the Super Sherpas team and support crew with high-altitude down clothing, storm gear, mountaineering tents and packs.

The Super Sherpas Expedition has received tremendous support in the United States by Roger Kehr and Jerry Mika, two Utah-based social entrepreneurs. The duo has made it their personal goal to spotlight the enormous contribution climbing Sherpas have made in the history of western-led Himalayan expeditions, which began with Sherpa Tenzing Norgay's historical first ascent of Everest in 1953 with New Zealander, Sir Edmund Hillary. “We want to highlight the hidden accomplishments of the Sherpa people and their role in extreme altitude climbing,” explains Roger Kehr, Base Camp Manager of the Super Sherpas Expedition. “Without Sherpa support, one could count the number of (successful) Everest expeditions on one frostbitten hand,” he jokes.

Apa and Lhakpa have also joined forces with Kehr and Mika to form their own company – SuperSherpas™- for the purpose of bringing world enlightenment and monetary benefit to Sherpa and Nepali people. In conjunction with a forthcoming book and documentary film (already in development) the successful expedition is a way for celebrity Sherpas Apa and Lhakpa to raise money for their families and countrymen.

The proceeds from these ventures and the future speaking fees of Apa and Lhakpa will ensure their ability to not only feed their families and to provide for their education but to also enrich the Nepali people through educational and other vital programs. At least 25% of the net proceeds will be donated to Nepali schools, hospitals, and other deserving entities.

Tom Fritz, who through Marmot, supports the dZi Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides basic health care and sustainable community programs in Nepal, explains, “This has been a great initiative for Marmot and we want to continue to help the Sherpa climbing community which has given so much back to western expeditions.”

To learn more about the historic Super Sherpas Expedition, visit or follow the Salt Lake City Tribune's extended coverage of the project at

Also check out more photos and film clips at Marmot's expedition micro-site this June, 2007

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