Summer 2011 Goodhew® Road Trips with Expedition Y

Goodhew is providing product to the trio from Expedition Y, for their 15,000 mile journey criss-crossing the United States to gain insight into the future of American leadership and explore the great wildernesses through trail running.

Chattanooga, TN – June 15, 2011 – Goodhew, LLC knows that a successful venture begins with comfortable socks. Which is why Goodhew is providing product to the trio from Expedition Y, for their 15,000 mile journey criss-crossing the United States to gain insight into the future of American leadership and explore the great wildernesses through trail running. Expedition Y began this week in Goodhew’s own backyard of Chattanooga, TN.

Expedition Y (XPY) was founded by dedicated trail runners and brothers Fynn and Ry Glover of Chattanooga, TN, and Russell Himelein of Wilmington, DE, to study Generation Y’s leadership potential throughout the United States and link critical conversations to the trail.

“We believe that in order to love a place, and therefore be willing to protect it, a person must have an

intimate understanding of that place,” says XPY co-founder Fynn Glover. “We worry that our own generation has become more divorced from the natural world than ever before.”

The three founders will spend the summer traveling 15,000 miles around the United States by car, interviewing college students and recent graduates at over 30 universities and encouraging everyone to get out and run, in Goodhews of course. They plan to conduct interviews to understand the degree to which college students are thinking critically about core challenges to the US and beyond. The team looks forward to experiencing the awe inspiring beauty of running in hundreds of the country’s most wild places with college students they meet along the way, in an effort to link more people to the wilderness and elevate Generation Y’s experiential understanding of the outdoors.

“Expedition Y shares our Goodhew forward-thinking company spirit,” says Jim Markely, Goodhew co-founder. “Instead of saying, ‘yes, someone should find a solution,’ XPY is going out to find the solution and make a difference and it’s always easier to make a difference when your feet feel great!”

In the spirit of their generation, XPY will produce a documentary film and photographic catalog of their journey, utilize social media to share their experiences and promote the woods that launched the project, the wilderness and recreational assets of Chattanooga.

Be sure to check out the team’s website at They’ll offer daily blog, photo and video updates.

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