Stower™ Unveils CandleCharger for Power Outages or Off-grid Demands


SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (April 21, 2015) –Stower™, a company dedicated to alternative energy technology and maker of the FlameStower FireCharger, is pleased to reveal the CandleCharger to its product line. Access to power, light and safe water are all vital necessities in any emergency situation, and this new USB charger gives you all three.

“We are very excited to introduce the CandleCharger, a product dedicated to charging smartphones and other small electronics when the power goes out or in other off-grid situations,” says Andrew Byrnes, CEO and co-founder of Stower. “This addition to Stower is just the beginning of a full line of personal power innovations we plan to launch in the near future.”

Offering reliable and instant power, an emergency light source and emergency purified water, the CandleCharger comes packaged with a six-hour candle but will accommodate any standard-sized fuel canister. A smartphone can fully charge twice from one canister use, and the unit provides as much light as an emergency candle.


Created with emergency off-grid situations in mind, the CandleCharger is compact and user-friendly – measuring only 11-centimeters in diameter. To generate the 2.5 continuous watt charge, users will simply light the fuel canister, add a half cup of water to the reservoir and wait less than a minute to plug in any USB device. Emergency purified water supply provides one clean liter per hour boiled.

The CandleCharger will be available to purchase in select retailers this summer. In the meantime, consumers can stay updated on product launch and other news using the website’s email sign-up form, live now.

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About Stower™

Founded in 2013, Stowe is dedicated to delivering power from renewable, alternative sources. Using technology such as thermoelectric generators, Stower sees a future where personal power is generated by a vast array of distributed energy sources, not massive power grids. Stower’s first product, the lightweight, compact FlameStower, powers personal electronics from any heat source. To learn more about Stower, visit