SteriPen wins OWG Derryck Draper Award for innovation

The United Kingdom-based Outdoor Writers Guild have awarded the 2006 Derryck Draper Award for the best & most innovative product this year to SteriPen.

The United Kingdom-based Outdoor Writers Guild have awarded the 2006 Derryck Draper Award for the best & most innovative product this year to SteriPen.

SteriPen is a unique hand-held water purifier that works by emitting UV light which destroys the DNA of water-borne viruses, protozoa and bacteria, such as Echovirus, Poliovirus & Hepatitis, Giardia, Cryptosporidium, E. coli, Salmonella, Straph & Strep, Cholera and Typhoid. It is compact (190 x 38mm) and lightweight (205gm, with batteries). No other handheld water purification system matches its speed of purification, ease of use, and effectiveness. It takes a mere 45 seconds to purify ½lt of water!

The OWG judging panel said "SteriPEN changes the way we think about creating clean, drinkable water. No longer do we have to filter it, or bombard it with chemicals - now we just zap it. Expect a revolution of similar devices appearing in the next few years. This is clean, easy to use and effective."

Rosker's Ralph White (Managing Director) and Andy Babbage (National Sales Manager) were delighted to accept the award at a ceremony held at the Holiday Inn, Edinburgh on 21st October. Says White "…it is an honour to receive such recognition, especially as we have only been distributing SteriPen since July of this year, and also when we were up against such stiff competition from two other excellent new products. We think it is fantastic news that the Outdoors Writers Guild has recognised what a significant and innovative tool SteriPen is for all outdoor enthusiasts around the world".

Edward Volkwein, President of Hydro-Photon, Inc, the American manufacturer of SteriPen was equally delighted at the news – "We are honored to receive the prestigious Derryck Draper Award. We thank the Outdoor Writer's Guild for selecting SteriPEN and appreciate the exemplary efforts of our UK distributor, Rosker Ltd., on our behalf. We look forward to introducing more innovative water purification products…in the years to come."

SteriPen is now available from many leading specialist outdoor retailers. Some of the new developments mentioned by Ed Volkwein are ready to be launched onto the market. The lighter and even more compact "Adventurer" model will become available in the UK by late November, with the optional "Adventurer Carry Case with Solar Charger" following the month after.

The SteriPen Classic retails for £90. There is a version complete with a 4-micron pre-filter and 1lt Nalgene bottle at £100, and the new Adventurer will be £120. The solar charger case will be £65

Further details & product images are available from Ralph White at or on 02392 528711

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