SPRI Products First to Offer Service to Enhance Products

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Free Educational Exercise Downloads
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Fitness Industry Leader the First to Offer Service to Enhance Products

LIBERTYVILLE, IL – May 7, 2007 - SPRI Products, Inc., a leading distributor of rubber resistance exercise products and fitness accessories, announces its online offering of free educational downloads for personal computers and video enabled devices (such as iPod). The program is launching with over 350 video demonstration segments with voiceovers coaching proper form for using SPRI's exercise products and fitness accessories.
“This innovation is impressive,” said Matthew Losciale, Buyer and Merchandise Manager, Busy Body Home Fitness. “SPRI's downloadable education will serve as an important selling tool and as positive reinforcement to support our customers. It's a great tool.”
The free downloads directly benefit SPRI's dealers, who can increase the quality of the customer's experience with SPRI products. The downloads show consumers safe and effective use of a broad mix of SPRI products, which will lead to increased trial of the exercise products and fitness accessories. SPRI is supporting its dealers through in-store merchandising items, as well as in/on-package indicators, which will alert consumers to this innovative new offering.
“Being a market leader in the fitness industry means that we must continue investing in our partnerships with SPRI's dealers and continue to improve the experience for their valued customers,” said SPRI President/C.E.O Herb Flentye. “These educational downloads will increase consumer activity and product satisfaction and provide a more complete fitness experience.”
Consumers simply log on to www.spriproducts.com, click on the link for the FREE Exercise Video Downloads, and select from a variety of products and individual exercises. The instruction supports numerous product groups, including rubber resistance products configurations, weighted resistance, balance and stability. Customers will see applications for the products they have purchased and also have access to instruction and suggestions for other SPRI products and exercises.

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Invodo is rapidly becoming the leader in online and mobile video communities built around a company's products, services and brands. Founded in the Spring of 2006, Invodo is based in Austin, TX and provides secure client-controlled, "two-way" exchanges of corporate and
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About SPRI
For more than 20 years, SPRI Products, Inc. has been the leading distributor of rubberized resistance exercise products, fitness accessories and exercise education programs for the health and fitness industry. Headquartered in Libertyville, IL, SPRI Products, Inc. provides professional fitness solutions to health clubs, personal trainers and health-minded consumers via the SPRI website, catalog sales and thousands of retail outlets nationwide.


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