SportsArt Fitness Offers Green Tutorial

Due to the considerable interest in their energy saving ECO-POWR treadmills, SportsArt Fitness has developed a comprehensive Green Tips and Tutorial booklet for fitness facilities.

This manual pulls together over two dozen green initiatives implemented by health clubs throughout the US. Tips are organized into easy to read groupings and include multiple energy saving and green ideas on lighting, flooring, locker rooms, heating/cooling, racquet sports, and cleaning. This complete manual was recently reprinted with permission by Fitness Business Canada, thereby giving facilities all across Canada access to this research. In addition, SportsArt has distributed this tutorial, at no charge, to over 200 clubs domestically. The manual also includes information on many of the initiatives SportsArt has undertaken at the corporate level that have established them as leaders in environmental stewardship.


TR32 Treadmill by SportsArt Fitness

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TR33 Treadmill by SportsArt Fitness

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