Sports Participants In The U.S.: Key Demographics

‘Hardhats with Brokers’, ‘Golden Years’, ‘The Big Chill’, and ‘The Dating Game’. Those are just four of the 40 lifestyle demographic categories which are profiled in SGMA’s Lifestyle Segmentation Report.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – June 17, 2006 -- ‘Hardhats with Brokers' (non-college graduates with $75,000+ annual income), ‘Golden Years' (75+ years of age), ‘The Big Chill' (35-54 years of age), and ‘The Dating Game' (18-34 years of age, unmarried). Those are just four of the 40 lifestyle demographic categories which are profiled in the SGMA's Lifestyle Segmentation Report (2006 edition), a 261-page supplement to the Superstudy of Sports Participation (conducted by American Sports Data). These lifestyle categories go beyond the usual standard demographics provided in the Superstudy. By relating the sports participation data to the imagery of commonly recognized population segments, it helps bring the data to life. This new slant on demographics provides the reader with a different perspective on today's sports and recreational participant.

The Superstudy of Sports Participation is the result of a national consumer mail panel survey of 25,000 adults and children that was conducted in January of 2006. The Superstudy monitors more than 100 sports and activities, with tracking data spanning from 1987 to the present. Demographic, attitudinal and behavioral dimensions are measured, including number of days per year, years of participation, venue, cross-participation, core market profiles. New data collection methodology has yielded the most accurate projections ever of U.S. sports populations.

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