Spider Tech Launches Retail Product at Amgen Tour of California

SpiderTech's pioneered concept of pre-cut, body specific, shapes called 'Spiders' allow for easy and correct application.


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Spider Tech Launches Retail Product at Amgen Tour of California

Boise, Idaho (May 16, 2012) - SpiderTech, a leading Kinesiology Tape brand, is taking its product to the retail marketplace with a grand launch at the Amgen Tour of California. SpiderTech's pioneered the concept of pre-cut, body specific, shapes called 'Spiders' allowing for easy and correct application. This ‘tape by numbers system’ allows individuals to tape themselves with this magic tape. As Kinesiology tape has gone from a "what is that" tape seen on elite athletes to an accepted therapy tool by the mainstream market, SpiderTech's timing is perfect to meet this growing demand.
"Elite and Olympic athletes have long known the benefits of SpiderTech, especially cyclists, as seen by the leaders in the Tour de France," states Tim Kelley Director of Sales and Marketing at SpiderTech. "The Amgen Tour of California features our team and 5 others that are using SpiderTech regularly for performance, pain management and recovery. What better way to launch into the retail market than an 8 day celebration with the biggest bike race in the USA."
SpiderTech will have a booth at the Amgen Tour of California Expo taping the public and spreading the simple message of this drug free product - "the stuff just works."

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Found in Spring 2012 at America's Top Bike Shops.

For media, dealer and information about Spider Tech, please contact Heather Price, Sales and Marketing Coordinator at 208-446-2025 or Heather.Price@spidertech.com.

About SpiderTech

SpiderTech is a unique pre-engineered, precut and easy to apply kinesiology tape. Chosen by professional athletes, chiropractors, physical therapists and trainers- SpiderTech’s snap, peel and stick spider applications are pre-shaped with easy to follow tape-by-numbers directions making them easy to apply by anyone. Backed by NuCap Medical in Toronto, Canada, SpiderTech sales and marketing headquarters and U.S. distribution center is based in Boise, Idaho.