Space-Efficient Home Gym Offers Functional Versatility

Torque Fitness, LLC, has broadened home workouts with its new TQ3 Hybrid Strength Gym System, which transforms a small corner of a room at home into a virtual line-up of health club resistance machines.

Andover, Minn. – Torque Fitness, LLC, a premium strength equipment company, has broadened options for home workouts with its new TQ3 Hybrid Strength Gym System, which transforms a small corner of a room at home into a virtual line-up of health club resistance machines.
Equipped with Torque's signature Hybrid Strength Technology (H.S.T.), the TQ3 enables home exercisers to perform unlimited cable/pulley, user-defined movements that build functional and core strength for daily activities, physical labor and sports.
“The real advantage of the TQ3 is that it offers an enormous range of exercises in a compact footprint and at a value price,” said Pete Borchert, president of Torque Fitness. “With such a great variety of exercises, plus the ability to train in any plane and range of motion, users are more likely to stay motivated and enjoy better results.”
Designed to Deliver
With a single station, vertical press design, the TQ3 includes dual swivel high and counterbalanced mid pulleys, along with dual low pulleys, which facilitate bilateral, unilateral and alternating movements, such as chest press, seated row and lat pulldown.
An adjustable back pad creates a “user-forward” design for multiple, safe pressing angles that add challenge but maintain comfort and exercise integrity. Plus, the flip-up seat pad offers hip and upper-body stabilization during standing leg curls and rowing exercises. A convenient flip-up footplate offers stability for seated low rows and standing upright exercises.
For the lower body, the Iso-Balance independent leg extension and leg curl arms promote individual leg development for improved muscular balance. An optional Leg Press/Calf Raise incorporates this Iso-Balance technology and a four-bar linkage to replicate natural motion and allow for simultaneous pressing with the foot pedestals connected, or independent movement with them separated.
Trademark Training Tools
For the most effective, efficient workouts, Torque Fitness has developed innovative features, including the Torque Orange adjustment points, the Fast–Attach cable coupling system, ergonomically designed T-grip handles and the Torque Fork weight selection device that uses magnetic adherence for quick, safe resistance adjustments. A 200-pound blended steel/cast iron weight stack includes sound-dampening bushings to prevent metal-on-metal noise, and a full shroud enclosure limits exposure to moving parts and enhances aesthetic appeal.
Additional variety comes in the form of attachments such as a short strap D-handle, a long strap D-handle, two universal adapters with snap hooks, a lat bar and an ankle strap.
Currently available at select specialty fitness retailers, the TQ3 has a manufacturer's list price of $2,199, with a limited lifetime warranty on the frames, welds and parts and 10 years on the cables and upholstery.
Torque Fitness Background
Founded in 2005 by a passionate team of leaders with more than 155 years of fitness industry experience, Torque Fitness is dedicated to developing innovative, effective strength training products that deliver remarkably efficient workouts that produce results. Torque's intelligent design and unmatched breakthroughs revolutionize strength training, and the company's focused, personalized, owners' approach fosters exceptional customer service.
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