Somnio Brings Comfort and Style to Your Everyday Marathon

Customizable shoe brand Somnio Shoes proudly announces the introduction of their new line of Technical Casual Shoes, bringing pain free walking to your everyday marathon.

With the successful launch of Somnio Running in 2009, the company is now applying their biomechanic expertise and knowledge of perfect fit to everyday, casual shoes.

Just like Somnio running shoes, the company's new technical casual models feature Somnio's signature F.E.A.T. system (Functionally Engineered Adaptable Tricomponent System), which includes various customizable components that can be fine tuned for the perfect, gait-efficient fit. The custom components include:

• Interchangeable footbeds for a custom fit based on the runner's arch height
• Interchangeable IndX cushion inserts for long lasting cushioning and customization based on weight and preferred usage
• Tunable Varus angulation for addressing each runner's particular biomechanical needs – just like having a custom-made orthodic made specifically for the shoe

There is a huge benefit to being correctly aligned in your shoes, both for running and everyday activities. With its revolutionary F.E.A.T. system, Somnio can improve an individual's biomechanics through adjustability of the shoes key components.

Featuring a variety of men's and women's models, the new technical casual collection includes everything from traditional styles to a women's Mary Jane. The shoes were designed with a number of environmentally friendly features including vegetable dyed leathers, water soluble glues, recycled laces, 30% of the midsole material is recycled and for the outsoles Somnio partnered with Vibram to develop an outsole with a 50% recycled rubber content, and of course the Somnio recycled pulp shoe box which can be composted.

“So many of our customers and dealers kept asking us to take our F.E.A.T. technology and apply it to shoes that could be used when they were not running,” says Sean Sullivan, founder and president of Somnio. “If you think about the amount of time everyday that we all spend on our feet it's amazing, and the principles of fit and proper alignment are just as important as they are when we are running so it only makes sense that we would expand our line in this way.”

Launched in the summer of 2009, Somnio shoes feature an adjustable component system that creates a custom-fit to match a runner's unique biomechanics. Developed at the prestigious Boulder Center for Sports Medicine, Somnio shoes can adapt to (or correct) the particular alignment, arch and cushioning needs of each runner's foot. Learn more at