Solio announces move to new office space in Oakland, Calif.

Company launches new Green Credit Program for employees

OAKLAND, Calif. (April 22, 2011) – Solio, leading developer of hand-held solar chargers and lighting products, announces a move from its Berkeley office location to a new space across the bay in Oakland, Calif. The nearly decade-old company works to bring renewable energy to the daily lives of people around the world, and currently operates offices from the U.S., London and Nairobi.

The new centrally located Oakland office aligns with Solio’s multi-tiered approach to utilizing alternative energy. Bike routes and several public transportation options surround the new office, making it easy for Solio employees to commute to work. As an incentive to encourage alternative transportation use, Solio has implemented a “green credit” program, which gives employees “credits” for every day they use alternative transportation. As employees save credits they are given opportunities to apply them toward rewards. A popular credit redemption occurs at the staff’s weekly happy hour, where a number of credits can be redeemed for a drink at a local microbrewery.

Solio first opened their Berkley, Calif. office in 2003. The company’s recent move to Oakland celebrates a decade of innovation in high-quality solar appliances. With the new location, Solio also made a move away from a traditional office desk phone set-up, utilizing the RingCentral application. RingCentral allows Solio employees to use iPhones, both as their cell phones and also to receive incoming office calls, eliminating the need for a land line. With the entire staff on iPhones, employees are now charging their phones exclusively using Solio chargers. Each staff member uses two Solio units, with one collecting solar energy from the office’s west facing window ledges, while the other powers the staffer’s iPhone. A YouTube video documenting the company’s RingCentral program can be seen here.

Solio is expanding on its original mission and vision with several new product introductions slated for release in 2011, including the Bolt, a faster-charging, higher capacity version of it’s industry-leading solar devices.

About Solio

Solio is a developer and manufacturer of portable solar chargers and lighting systems, helping power work and play with renewable energy. Solio products are compatible with an enormous range of devices from GPS units to mp3 players, smartphones, and cameras. A nearly ten-year-old brand, the Oakland, CA-based company also enables communities in undeveloped parts of the world to have access to clean energy and lighting systems. Solio products are available for purchase through specialty retailers like REI, Sprint, RadioShack, and Apple. For more information, visit

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