Solid Fall/Winter ‘10 selling campaign for the Lafuma Group

Solid Fall/Winter ‘10 pre-season selling campaign for the Lafuma Group’s U.S. Mountain Division. The Lafuma Group’s “Mountain Division” includes brands Millet, Eider & Killy.

Solid Fall/Winter ‘10 pre-season selling campaign for the Lafuma Group's U.S. Mountain Division.
The Lafuma Group's “Mountain Division” includes brands Millet, Eider & Killy. The Lafuma Group's “Mountain Division” includes brands Millet, Eider & Killy.

The Millet brand experienced three-figure growth in orders for Fall/Winter '10, compared to the Fall/Winter '09 season, and doubled its dealer network for the Fall/Winter '10 season. The Spring/Summer '10 selling season is also showing very positive trends. “This is Millet's fifth selling season in the U.S. under the Lafuma Group, and it's great to see the brand take off,” says Todd Johnson, the U.S. Brand Manager for Millet.

The Millet line, which focuses on products for mountaineering activities, has been extremely well received by specialty retailers. Millet will be switching from a great early buy season with the FW10 apparel to gear up for the SS11 pre-selling season and emphasis on their world renowned packs.

About Millet: Millet was founded in 1921 and is a leader in high performance products for mountaineering and climbing. Millet has diversified into the creation and development of clothing, packs, shoes, and ropes. For more information, please visit or contact Todd Johnson - (303) 527-1460 ext. 12

Eider has just closed their Fall/Winter '10 selling campaign with an increase of 45% over the Fall/Winter '09 season. Strong sell-through and efficient deliveries along with improved organization as part of the Lafuma Group has tremendously supported the growth and development of the brand in the U.S. The U.S. team is now working very closely with the European headquarters to build a Fall/Winter '11 collection even more tailored to the U.S. market needs.

About Eider: Created in the heart of the French Alps since 1962, Eider clothing combines a passion for mountain sports, historical textile expertise, a dedication to innovation, and unique and contemporary style. For more information on the brand, please visit or contact Linda Greene - (303) 527-1460 ext. 15.

Killy has seen a slight growth for the Fall/Winter '10. This year's main priority has been to stabilize the brand organization after major changes in the supply chain since Killy became part of the Lafuma Group. The Fall/Winter '09 season experienced a strong service improvement preparing the brand to continue strongly and improve for the next seasons to come. Guillaume Linossier, General Manager of the Lafuma Group in the USA, sees Killy as an important part of the Lafuma Group's future growth in the U.S. market: With strong distribution in the U.S. in the past, Killy's focus is to return to prior level of success and increase its distribution nationwide.

About Killy: The very first collection, created by Olympic champion Jean-Claude Killy, started in the Winter of 1977. The brand's success is based on a commitment to excellence and quality. Still designed in the French Alps, Killy continues the legacy of providing performance and elegance to the ski enthusiasts around the world in the purest Killy spirit. For more information, please visit or contact Todd Johnson – (303) 527-1460 ext. 12

The Lafuma Group America closed its first half of the fiscal year at the end of March and is seeing a 35% growth for the 09/10 fiscal year.

About the LAFUMA GROUP: The Lafuma Group is a worldwide leader in the outdoor and ski industries. The Lafuma Group markets 5 major, renowned brands worldwide: Lafuma, Millet, Eider, Killy, Oxbow and Le Chameau.


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