SOLE Footbeds Score a Win on BBC’s Hit TV Show The Apprentice

Cast members on Team Stealth choose to sell SOLE footbeds to retail dealers as part of last night’s weekly challenge and beat rival Team Eclipse.

(Calgary, AB) – Last night's episode nine of the BBC's hit TV show, The Apprentice, prominently featured SOLE Custom Footbeds as part of an international sales challenge. Team Stealth chose to sell Canadian goods, including SOLE Custom Footbeds, and successfully sold more products to UK dealers thereby beating rival Team Eclipse.

“The exposure that The Apprentice provided for SOLE in the UK market is already proving to be invaluable,” states SOLE marketing manager, Claire Thompson. “In just hours since the airing of the show we have already received half a dozen inquires from UK retailers as a direct result. It's a terrific opportunity to launch in a new market.”

The Apprentice, in which hungry young business hopefuls compete each week to win a six-figure job with UK multimillionaire Sir Alan Sugar, has an audience of over 5 million viewers. Last night's task required contestants to choose to sell products from one of five countries: Australia, Canada, Singapore, South Africa or Sweden. Canada's products were pitched to the teams by the Canadian High Commission in London, which successfully convinced Team Stealth to choose Canadian goods. Team Eclipse chose to represent Sweden.

Each team had three products from its selected countries to sell to London retailers and only a day in which to do it. After losing the last six tasks, team Stealth was eager to break the streak.

SOLE Custom Footbeds was one of the three products represented by Canada. The Canadian Trade Commission identified SOLE as an attractive brand with lucrative potential in the UK market. Team Stealth recognized this potential and ultimately won the task because of its successful sales of SOLE Footbeds. In fact, Team Stealth's sales of SOLE products alone surpassed the total sum of orders that Team Eclipse wrote for all three of its Swedish products.

The owner of King's Road Sporting Club, London's premier sporting goods retailer, was so impressed with the SOLE footbeds Team Stealth presented to him, that he wrote an order on the spot. “It's only 'cause we haven't seen anything like this before - and I can smell it's right,” he commented.

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About SOLE:
In a quest to find an effective and affordable solution to relieve his chronic back pain, British Columbia entrepreneur Mike Baker launched SOLE Custom Footbeds in 2001. SOLE Footbeds use a simple, do-it-yourself heat molding process to create a customized, supportive fit in any shoe with a removable factory insole. SOLE packages all its products with Ecopac, a nature-based plastic that is derived from annually renewable resources such as corn. REI, EMS, Red Wing Shoes and thousands of specialty retailers around the world carry SOLE Custom Footbeds. The company employs over 30 people with offices in Vancouver, British Colombia, Calgary, Alberta and Great Falls, Montana. For more information on SOLE, go to or call 866-235-SOLE.

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The Apprentice is a hit BBC reality show that features sixteen business candidates all competing to win a six-figure salary and become the next apprentice of multi-millionaire Sir Allan Sugar. The Apprentice UK Series 3 is currently screened at 9 p.m. on BBC1 every Wednesday with approx 5 million viewers and repeated on BBC2 the following Tuesday with approx 2.5 million viewers. In 2007, the show was nominated for a British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) Award again, having won two BAFTA awards in 2006, as well as awards at Banff Television Festival and many others.

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