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Social Trends Boost Kayak Popularity

Kayaking, once considered a sport reserved for the affluent and the adventurous, is now one of the fastest growing sports in North America. The sport’s increasing popularity can be attributed to several recent trends.

LAVAL, QUEBEC - Kayaking, once considered a sport reserved for the affluent and the adventurous, is now one of the fastest growing sports in North America. The sport’s increasing popularity can be attributed to several recent trends.

Firstly, the issue of obesity in the US has resulted in the launch of numerous initiatives encouraging Americans to get outside and be active. Furthermore, the first of the baby boomers turn 65 this year and with more free time on their hands, they are seeking ways to remain active and fit. An attractive alternative to spending hours in a gym, kayaking is not only easy to learn, but also a low-impact sport. Paddling simultaneously tones muscles, builds core strength and provides the aerobic workout that is essential to weight loss and maintenance -all while remaining seated and enjoying the great outdoors!

Another trend that has contributed to kayaking’s growing popularity is society’s increasing eco-consciousness. More than ever, people are looking for ways to enjoy the great outdoors while minimizing their carbon footprint. This has led many boaters to move away from motorboats and jet skis and increasingly toward human powered watercraft like kayaks and canoes.

Finally, in today’s economy, people are vacationing closer to home and looking for lower cost recreational options. Kayaking can be enjoyed on just about any body of water and provides a fun and affordable activity for families, couples, and individuals of all ages.

Rapidly advancing kayak building technology

In response to the growing popularity of the sport, Kayak building technology has also advanced rapidly in recent years. The latest models are lighter, more stable and easier to manoeuvre than ever before and offer features that make them more appealing to everyone from the novice paddler to the veteran kayaker.

An excellent example of affordable, durable, high performance kayaks are produced by Pelican International, manufacturer of Pelican, Elie and Lavika brands Although the company has long been known for providing durable, entry level products at unbeatable prices, its new Elie line takes the sport to a whole new level.

Available at Specialty Outdoor Retailers, the 2011line-up of Elie kayaks includes recreational, day touring, sit-on-top and sport fishing models that will impress paddlers of every skill level. Beginners will appreciate their superior stability and manoeuvrability, while veterans will love the new high performance design elements that increase speed and tracking.

The entire Elie line is made of a unique combination of materials and manufacturing processes that optimize the durability, weight and price of all of the models, including the Strait, Sound and Horizon model families. Made of patented Poly-XR™ material, Elie kayaks are lighter, stiffer and tougher than most competitive products made of polyethylene. Recent reviews of the Elie Strait 120 affirmed that “the boat is light to paddle, light to lift, and slips through the water effortlessly. It feels like a composite kayak, as the hull is stiff and light”. The Elie Strait 140 was said to feel “as stiff as any composite kayak at twice the price.”

A kayak for every paddler

Elie’s Strait Family day touring kayaks are best suited to advanced paddlers taking long trips on large and challenging bodies of water. This line offers a unique combination of performance, durability and design, making it fast, easy to manoeuvre and extremely stable.

The versatile Sound Family recreational kayaks are the ultimate all-purpose watercraft; perfect for anything from calm water cruising to taking on wind and chop in larger bodies of water. They are extremely stable, comfortable and easy to paddle. Beginners will appreciate the large cockpit opening and all paddlers will marvel at their astonishing range of thoughtful features.

Horizon Family sit-on-top kayaks offer open decks that are easy to get in and out of, making them ideal for those who like to swim, snorkel or scuba dive or for novice paddlers who will appreciate their superior stability and unsinkability. Sit-on-top models are best for calm waters and lakes and are also a great option for those who are not comfortable in a sit-in kayak.

The Horizon Family Sport Fishing line offers anglers a whole new fishing experience. With a full range of specialized fishing features, paddlers can glide silently to their favourite fishing spots on these stable and unsinkable watercraft. All models allow plenty of room for baiting hooks, managing gear and storing the prized catch!

Regardless of which type of kayak best suits your personal paddling needs, Pelican’s Elie line has the model that will provide the ultimate kayaking experience at a price you can afford.

Founded in 1968 and based in Laval, Quebec, Pelican International is a leader in boating innovation and making boating more accessible and affordable for everyone. As a company that promotes enjoying the great outdoors, Pelican is committed to protecting our environment and recycles 99.5% of the excess material produced in their manufacturing process to make new products and installed specially designed ducts that redirect heated air from their moulding ovens to heat their production facility in the winter. Pelican International also promotes safe boating, advising all passengers to wear a coast guard-approved personal flotation device at all times when aboard a boat.