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Slumberjack Expands its Go Light, Go Fast, Go Small Product Line

Slumberjack expands its Popular Go Light, Go Fast, Go Small product line with the addition of sleeping bags designed for women and kids.

ST. LOUIS (August 10, 2006) – Slumberjack's popular Go Light, Go Fast, Go Small product line is expanding with the addition of two new sleeping bags. The product line will now include the Solera, a sleeping bag designed specifically for women, as well as the Calypso, a performance-based sleeping bag made for youth ages six years and older. Both bags are designed to meet the unique needs and proportions of women and children.

“When it comes to sleeping bags, one size does not fit all,” said Brent Klages, director of operations for Slumberjack. “All too often, women and children use sleeping bags that are too big or don't take their unique needs and proportions into consideration. The Solera and Calypso provide maximum comfort because they are sized and designed specifically with women and kids in mind.”

Solera +15ºF Women's Sleeping Bag
The Solera +15ºF sleeping bag mimics the size, shape and contours of the female body. It stands out from traditional mummy sleeping bags due to its unique, hourglass shape. Other distinguishing features include extra insulation in the hood, upper torso and footbox, which provides added comfort where women need it most. To further enhance comfort, the hood and footbox incorporate a plush fleece material.

The Solera is filled with Thermolite® Extreme insulation, which is a blend of three fibers (denier, thermal and hollow core). All of these fibers, working together, provide exceptional warmth and compactability. The exterior of the bag is made from a nylon diamond ripstop material, which is extremely durable and resists water, wind and other elements. The interior of the bag features a polyester-taffeta liner, which is silky, smooth to the touch.

Slumberjack uses a double-offset, differential-cut construction to enhance the durability of the bag. The construction also helps to eliminate cold spots, ensuring an even distribution of insulation throughout the bag. To further enhance warmth and comfort, the sleeping bag features an insulated draft tube and adjustable storm collar to keep cold air out and warm air in.

The Solera features a fully-contoured hood wrapping snuggly around a user's head. The hood can also be flipped inside-out to act as a pillow. To make adjustments, the hood includes easy-access, indexed drawcords.

Finally, the Solera features easy-to-grab, hook-and-loop zippers and a compression stuff sack for fast, compact storage. The Solera is available in two different sizes: Regular Right (28” x 76”) and Long Left (30” x 82”). The bag retails for $79 and $89.

Calypso +25ºF Youth-sized Mummy Sleeping Bag
The second addition to the Go Light, Go Fast, Go Small product line is the Calypso +25ºF youth-sized mummy sleeping bag. The Calypso is designed and sized especially for kids, but it is all “grown up” when it comes to performance and looks. The sleeping bag offers the high-end features and quality performance as the rest of the Go Light, Go Fast, Go Small line, however, it is sized for younger campers.

“We wanted to develop a performance-based sleeping bag for kids,” Klages said. “A lot of youth sleeping bags focus on the ‘look' of the bag. The money is spent on licensing, colors and patterns. We focused our energy on the inside of the bag – where it truly matters most.”

The Calypso measures 28” x 68” and has a carry weight of only 2 lbs. 4 oz. The bag easily compresses down to a size of 7.5” x 10.5”. The Calypso retails at $59.

Slumberjack's Go Light, Go Fast, Go Small product line was introduced in 2001 to widespread praise among retailers and consumers. The extensive line of sleeping bags provides lightweight, compact sleeping options for all types of warm and cold weather adventuring. Despite the small size and weight of the sleeping bags, they are all built to deliver high-end performance and comfort. The addition of Solera and Calypso adds depth and breadth to the Go Light, Go Fast, Go Small product line. Now, there is a sleeping bag for every outdoor enthusiast.

For more than fifty years, Slumberjack has been one of the world's leading manufacturers of outdoor sleep systems. The company's product portfolio includes: sleeping bags, self-inflating mats, furniture and other outdoor accessories. Slumberjack products are available at specialty stores and sporting goods retailers throughout the country. Products can also be purchased online through various Internet retailers.

Slumberjack is a division of American Recreation Products, Inc., St. Louis. American Recreation Products is a subsidiary of Kellwood Company (NYSE), St. Louis, a leading marketer of apparel and consumer soft goods.

For more information about Slumberjack and its complete line of products, call 1-800-233-6283. Additional details can also be found online at

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