Skratch Labs Launches Active Nourishment Company at Outdoor Retailer S

Skratch Labs Exercise Hydration Mixes are coming to Outdoor Retailer Summer Market for the first time, introducing the growing brand into the outdoor and lifestyle segments.


Stacey Kramer


Skratch Labs Launches Active Nourishment Company at Outdoor Retailer Show

Boulder, CO 7/26/12 - Skratch Labs Exercise Hydration Mixes are coming to Outdoor Retailer Summer Market for the first time, introducing the growing brand into the outdoor and lifestyle segments. These drinks are made from all natural ingredients and flavored with actual fruit. The powdered mix is sold in 1 lb. bags and single serve sticks. Available flavors include Lemons and Limes, Pineapples, Oranges, Raspberries, and a day-to-day electrolyte Everyday version also in Lemons and Limes. Each drink mix is designed to provide optimal electrolytes, with about half the sugar of other products, and is lightly flavored to help avoid flavor fatigue.

Skratch Labs Hydration Mixes are continuing to grow in popularity with cyclists, but also among runners, triathletes, climbers, hikers, motocross, NASCAR drivers, youth sports, firefighters, and any activity where hydration is essential. The Skratch Labs team has additionally determined through informal field-testing that Skratch Labs Hydration Mix is an excellent remedy for hangovers.

Skratch Labs will be exhibiting at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2012 in booth PV433.

The story behind Skratch Labs:

Dr. Allen Lim never intended to launch a sports nutrition company. But when the athletes he was training for the Tour de France couldn’t stop throwing up on his shoes, he knew there had to be a better way. In his quest to find a solution to fuel and hydrate the professional cyclists he coached without making them sick, Lim went through countless experimental recipes, eventually finding a combination of simple ingredients that just worked. By avoiding any artificial flavors, colors or preservatives, and using only real fruit for flavor, Lim solved his athlete’s stomach problems and saved his shoes from further abuse. Word of his “Secret Drink Mix” spread quickly among other pro athletes and it wasn’t long before he was spending all his free time making it in his own kitchen. Pursued by several companies who wanted to purchase Lim’s precious secret, he instead partnered with friends and colleagues and in February 2012, Skratch Labs was born in Boulder, Colorado.

While working as the Director of Sport Science for professional cycling teams including Garmin and Radio Shack, Lim tried every hydration product he could find to provide the proper electrolytes for the riders, but many caused GI problems when consumed at typical quantities during intense riding. So he created simple batches of drink mix in his hotel rooms across Europe during stage races and flavored them with real dehydrated fruit. Many pro cyclists, whose teams are often sponsored by major sports drink companies, liked his drink so much that they would secretly dump their sponsors’ drinks from their bottles and refill with Lim’s formula.

During this time, Lim also created another favorite for the cyclists-- Rice Cakes. Lim would rise early every morning during stage races and make batches of sushi rice as the base for the cakes, which are mixed with eggs and bacon or an assortment of other sweet or savory ingredients and formed into small foil-wrapped squares. The Rice Cakes provide quickly digested carbs and protein, perfect fuel for exercise. In 2011, Lim partnered with Chef Biju Thomas to produce a cookbook, “The Feed Zone: Fast and Flavorful Food for Athletes”. This book contains over 150 recipes of real, simple foods that athletes can prepare themselves, including dozens of quick- prep meals for before and after workouts. There is an entire section on portable whole foods to replace highly processed gels and bars, including several variations of Allen Lim’s Rice Cakes. In 2013, Lim and Thomas will publish a second book as a follow-up to their popular “Feed Zone” book.

“The Feed Zone” and Chef Biju will be instrumental in this year’s USA Pro Cycling Challenge race August 20-26th in Colorado, where Thomas will be overseeing the catering services for the cyclists and providing menus for all team venues with recipes from “The Feed Zone”.

The philosophy of Dr. Lim and now Skratch Labs is to use real whole food as the optimum source of nourishment for sports and activity. Skratch Labs mission is to change the way people think about nourishment, and the company hopes to achieve this by educating people on good sources of fuel and hydration. The cookbooks will give the general population the knowledge and ability to prepare foods themselves, and Skratch Labs will provide ready-made products to help complement this lifestyle, beginning with their Exercise Hydration Mixes.

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