SKORA to Launch Performance Running Shoes in Spring 2012

Beginning Spring 2012, SKORA will begin shipping its Base and Form performance running shoes. Both models are built on SKORA’s REALFIT last with a natural arch shape, zero drop from heel-to-toe, a generous ball girth and wide toe box.

PORTLAND - Beginning Spring 2012, SKORA is to introduce their inaugural line of performance minimalist running shoes, developed by company founder David Sypniewski.

"Run Real" is the guiding principle at SKORA. Our shoes are designed to encourage running performance that is as bio-mechanically correct as possible,” says Sypniewski. “Our footwear lets people run naturally. Running form is the most important aspect to injury-free running. Adapting to a zero-drop shoe with minimal padding should be a gradual process and cannot be rushed. The shoes you use need to enable you to run with great mid-foot/whole-foot form and give you the proper feedback with every stride. SKORA shoes do this.”

SKORA will be launching its Base (MSRP: $125) and Form (MSRP: $195) shoes. Both models are built on SKORA’s REALFIT™ last with a natural arch shape, zero drop from heel-to-toe, a generous ball girth and wide toe box. Total stack height in both models is 13mm with the insole, 9mm without. These features enhance a natural mid-foot/all-foot contact consistent with a ‘barefoot-style’ of running. Both models are designed to be worn comfortably with or without socks.

The Base shoe has a high-tensile stretch mesh upper, with a whole sock fit and stitch down construction. It utilizes high-abrasion resistant sole rubber and promotes a precise fit with a nylon X-strap over the instep and an adjustable heel strap.

The Form model features a Pittards® Armor-Tan® goatskin leather upper with Pittards® sheepskin leather lining. The outsole has a 4mm tread. An asymmetrical lacing system, along with a unique tongue design, and a heel strap that matches foot shape and improves fit and comfort. The performance properties of the goatskin upper allow the shoe to form to the runner’s foot, dry four times faster than other leathers, and will always stay soft and supple with no leather treatments ever needed.

The SKORA Base and Form models will be available in Men’s size 8-12 to selected dealers for February 2012 delivery. Pre-orders are available now. Expanded Men's sizing and a Women's model will be available in Fall 2012. To receive the SS12 Retailer Linesheet or for more information on the Base and Form models, contact:

Patrick Stratton

Vice President


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Founded by real runners, SKORA Inc. is a performance shoe design company based in Portland, Oregon, focused on minimal, lightweight running footwear that enable runners to Run Real.