Skirt Sports Launches Women’s Mentorship Program, Kick It Forward

Program provides platform for beginning and experienced runners to access online community support, training tools and more

Skirt Sports Launches Women's Mentorship Program, Kick It Forward

Program provides platform for beginning and experienced runners to access online community support, training tools and more

Boulder, Colo. – Skirt Sports, inventor of the original fitness skirt and leader in the women's fitness apparel industry, is proud to announce the launch of its nationwide mentorship program for women, Kick it Forward. As part of its continued commitment to reach women of all ages, backgrounds and abilities, Skirt Sports' Kick it Forward is the first-of-its-kind online resource center designed to give women the tools to empower other women to seize the power of fitness. Women interested in becoming a mentor for a beginner runner can join the free program by identifying a partner in need of motivation (friend, neighbor, family member, etc.) and registering at Members of Kick it Forward have access to a resource-rich online community with training plans, motivation tools and tips from experts, all to support a mentor as she guides her beginner to successfully complete a 5k event in their local area.

“Kick it Forward is an initiative Skirt Sports launched to empower women through the challenge of setting a fitness goal and accomplishing it with the help of another woman,” said Nicole DeBoom, founder and CEO of Skirt Sports. “I know there is a huge group of women in America that need help getting motivated, because I would stand at the start of a race, look around, and see different versions of myself. By creating this easy-to-use online community support system, we hope to inspire women to do what they do best – support each other. We encourage women everywhere to share their love of fitness and spread the joy and power that comes from being active with a woman who has not found this gift – mentors will probably improve their own training as a result.”

Skirt Sports is currently seeking Personal Motivators as mentors. Personal Motivators are women who find empowerment, fulfillment and sanity in running and want to share this passion and commitment with a beginner whether it is a friend, family member, or colleague. A Personal Motivator does not need to be a fitness expert; all she needs to do is connect with a beginner and reach out to Skirt Sports for the next step. Kick it Forward will provide all members with assistance every step of the way including a motivation guide, custom training plans, weekly tips, a private forum for communication with other program members, and a special gift from Skirt Sports with proof of registration for a 5k race. Beginning runners are also encouraged to identify Personal Motivators in their lives and join the community today at

Skirt Sports is launching Kick it Forward as a virtual training program so that women nationwide can participate in the community regardless of location and at any time that works best for them. Training plans are designed for an eight week period. Skirt Sports encourages each Personal Motivator to work with her beginner to select a local race and to celebrate the success upon accomplishment.

To learn more about Skirt Sports' Kick it Forward program please visit

Skirt Sports launched in 2004 by professional triathlete Nicole DeBoom who created the first-ever women's running skirt. In fact, Nicole became an Ironman champion wearing a home-sewn prototype of the skirt she designed from a napkin sketch. Today, Skirt Sports develops a full collection of women's fitness apparel from its corporate headquarters in Boulder, Colo. Every style designed by Skirt Sports is the perfect balance of fashion, performance and attitude because when you look good, you feel good and when you feel good, you perform even better. In 2007, Skirt Sports created an innovative race concept, the Skirt Chaser 5k Series, whereupon the ladies start first and the men follow. For more information about Skirt Sports products, retailers or Skirt Chaser 5k and Dash events, please visit Skirt Sports - What You Wear Matters.

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