Ski Press Founders Launch New Web Site,

The publishers of Ski Press magazine and, the industry’s leading news site, have expanded their expertise into the year-round resort mountain news market with the launch of Eugene Buchanan joins the team.
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(St. Bruno, Quebec, CN)— The publishers of Ski Press magazine and, the industry's leading news site, have expanded their expertise into the year-round resort mountain news market with the launch of Combined with weekly newsletters to Ski Press's proven list of outdoor participants, the new Web site reaches a broad base of outdoor sports enthusiasts—from climbers and mountain bikers to hikers, horseback riders and paddlers—all of whom frequent resorts and mountain towns throughout North America in the spring, summer and fall—as well as winter--to pursue their pastimes.

“The skipressworld news formula is so successful that we wanted to bring it to a year-round market as well,” says founder Jean-Marc Blais. “The site is designed to provide mountain news to those who travel to and live in our resort communities and reaches a targeted core of passionate consumers who live and breathe their pastimes.”

The site features daily Top News updates, as well as weekly activity stories and a Top 5 section highlighting recreational pursuits throughout North America. Its targeted viewers are outdoors enthusiasts seeking to stay connected to the active mountain lifestyle through the latest news and information. “We intend to build a large and frequent user group by generating usable, credible content that's free to everyone; by cross marketing with Ski Press and our Mtn. Press partners; and by investing in search optimization,” says U.S. Publisher Ben Warner.

“Our viewers and subscribers range from beginners to experts, across all mountain town sports,” adds Blais, who has tapped industry veteran Eugene Buchanan ( to spearhead editorial and the Ski Press team to handle advertising and sponsorships ( “We've done our research and have found an open niche to provide daily news and updates for mountain enthusiasts, supported by suppliers and resort partners looking for new ways to reach their customers. More and more people are using the Internet to stay in touch with everything from travel options to gear, and we intend to be their primary source of information.”

Blais adds that the mtnpressworld debut represents the first stage of the launch, with an electronic magazine to follow in the near future, and a French-Canadian version of the site to be launched in early July.



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