Sierra Magazine's 2nd Annual "Cool Campuses" Special Issue

San Francisco, CA—SIERRA’s now-annual “Cool Campuses” issue is in the works and coming soon in September/October 2008.

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July 1, 2008
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Sierra Magazine's 2nd Annual "Cool Campuses" Special Issue Appeals To Eco-conscious Youth

San Francisco, CA—SIERRA's now-annual “Cool Campuses” issue is in the works and coming soon in September/October 2008. In Fall 2007, SIERRA launched its “Cool Campuses” editorial package in the November/December issue. The entire issue and SIERRA's Big Ten listing of the most environmentally-aware colleges was picked up and quickly made the campus rounds in print and online. The widespread and positive response to this coverage of “green” college campuses demanded the special issue become an annual that was moved up to September/October to fit the school calendar more closely.

As the national magazine of the Sierra Club, SIERRA's editorial reflects the Club's growing focus on bringing youth into contact with the outdoors and the environmental values essential to preserving the planet. Through a new Military Family Outdoor initiative, Sierra Club is now instrumental in bringing the children whose parents are serving overseas outdoor programs to ease the stress they and their families are experiencing.

Inner City Outings is another program led by Sierra Club-trained volunteer leaders that targets at-risk youth by offering them wilderness experiences. Building Bridges to the Outdoors is the Sierra Club's Youth Services entity that lobbies for support to programs that work to “leave no child inside.” According to Bob Sipchen, SIERRA's Editor-in-chief, “It was only natural to establish “Cool Campuses” as an annual themed issue. The kids on campuses are going to lead the fight to reverse global warming since they are the generation who will live with the negative consequences of inaction—and they know it!”

September/October 2008 2nd Annual “Cool Campuses Issue Highlights
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Top 10 Environmental Schools Package includes:
• College town “green” restaurants in New Haven, CT, Gainesville, FL, Athens, GA,
Berkeley, CA, and Boulder, CO.

• Green jobs: Five jobs and five profiles of recent graduates with cool “green” jobs.

• Eco-league: Alliance of five green-themed schools—College of the Atlantic, Green Mountain College, Northland College, Prescott College, Alaska Pacific University—carbon neutral,
sustainable, outdoor-oriented.

• Campus facts: “green” shopping lists, books, outdoor academic programs, Greeks going “green,” Zipcar on campus, websites to “green” jobs,” volunteer opportunities, and fellowships, eco-dorms and more!

—New 2009 Sierra Club International & Winter Domestic Adventure Travel Trips.

—The Green Life: Cleaner sailing (new hybrid-electric boats), P2P renting (, Morgan Freeman on PlantItNow (natural disaster preparedness), super-efficient mopeds and electric scooters.

—Good Going: Adelaide, Australia's leafy sea dragon—a diver delighst in this exotic relative of the sea horse.

—Sierra Club Bulletin: Revamped Sierra Sportsman Web site, Military Family Outdoor Initiative, Sierra Club's new social networking Web site, and Bakersfield, CA lands victory protects 240,000 acres on Tejon ranch.

Go to to view the July/August 2008 issue online. Our on-line media kit is available at A bimonthly, SIERRA is published by the Sierra Club, the oldest, largest, and most influential grassroots environmental organization in America, with 713,000 members nationwide. In 1893 the organization issued the first Sierra Club Bulletin, which became SIERRA in 1977. The bulk of SIERRA's paid circulation comes from readers who spend an average of $36 for membership in the Sierra Club. A recent study found that SIERRA readers consider the magazine to be the number-one benefit of club membership. With multiple readers per copy, SIERRA reaches a total audience of more than one million readers.

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