Sierra Magazine Energy Package Series Wins A Maggie

San Francisco, CA – SIERRA, the national magazine of the Sierra Club, wins a Maggie in the Best Series of Articles/Consumer category for its Smart Energy Solutions series.

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May 7, 2008
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Sierra Magazine Energy Package Series Wins A Maggie

San Francisco, CA – SIERRA, the national magazine of the Sierra Club, was recognized again this year by the Western Publications Association's Maggie Awards, winning a Maggie in the Best Series of Articles/Consumer category for its Smart Energy Solutions series. The Maggies, known as “the Oscars of the magazine industry,” received nearly 2000 entries representing more than 500 magazines.

Always in the lead on the critical energy issue, SIERRA launched the first segment of this series in January/February 2007 with Bill McKibben's feature, Energizing America. Introduced by then-Editor-in-chief Joan Hamilton, McKibben's article recalled how fossil fuels drove progress in earlier years but now “everything hinges on our ability to make the jump from fossil fuel to…something else.” The issue series also covered Can Coal Be Clean?, energy efficiency in Negawatt Power, reconsidering nuclear power in Why Not Nukes?, wind power's problems and a preview of the Sierra Club's “energy road map. Most of the January/February package was staff-written by senior writer Marilyn Berlin Snell and senior editors Reed McManus and Paul Rauber.

The Smart Energy Solutions package continued in May/June with a daylong roundtable in San Francisco of top thinkers discussing global warming. The panel included venture capitalist Vinod Khosla, Stanford University climate scientist Stephen Schneider, California Senator Barbara Boxer and her staff director Bettina Poirier, Paul Anderson, then chair of Duke Energy, former vice president Al Gore, Sierra Club Executive Director Carl Pope, and Dan Reicher, now with Google's climate and energy initiative. The roundtable report, Climate Exchange, which appeared in SIERRA, was written by Marilyn Berlin Snell.

The final segment in the Smart Energy Solutions package was published in SIERRA's July/August issue, bringing author Bill McKibben back with Green from the Ground Up, on how he built his eco-friendly Vermont home from choosing the location to size to solar and everything else in “green building.”

Bob Sipchen, SIERRA's current Editor-in-chief, congratulated Joan Hamilton, former Editor-in-chief and the entire SIERRA staff for their accomplishment in bringing this important energy package to the 1.169+-million readers of the magazine. “By gathering together the best minds from business, academia, government and non-profits, SIERRA was able to give our readers a clear picture of the crisis we face and the knowledge and tools we'll need to find those smart energy solutions,” said Sipchen.

SIERRA was also recognized by Western Publications Association as a finalist in these categories:

Best Regularly Featured Department, Section or Column/Consumer:
Sierra Club Executive Director Carl Pope's column Ways & Means
March/April, May/June and September/October

Best Single Editorial Illustration/Consumer:
A Patriotic Pall
Illustration by Victor Juhasz

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