Sierra Designs Sales Agencies Raise The Bar For Top Sales And Business

Midwest And Southeast Sales Agencies Increase Business by Over 200 Percent From 2006

Sierra Designs, an environmental stewardship advocate, adventure seeker and authentic technical leader in developing innovative outdoor products including tents, sleeping bags and clothing today announced Larry Hanson and Tim Harwood of Adventure Sports Marketing in the midwest and Tom Hammond and Rod Thomas of Adventure Marketing Group in the southeast have been honored with the Sierra Designs outstanding achievement and sales awards for the 2006 season and 2007 pre-season.

Larry Hanson and Tim Harwood of Adventure Sports Marketing in the midwest were awarded the 2006 overall sales award with shipments up 22.3 percent over 2005. In addition, the agency was awarded the 2006 pre-season sales award with its spring 2007 pre-season orders up 74.5 percent over spring 2006.

"Adventure Sports Marketing really raised the bar in 2006, and their efforts resulted in them winning not only the overall sales award but also the pre-season award as well,” said Mark Mathews, director of sales for Sierra Designs and Ultimate Direction. “Congratulations to Larry Hanson and Tim Harwood for a job well done in 2006!"

“It's a great pleasure to be associated with and represent to midwest dealers a brand with such great heritage,” said Larry Hanson of Adventure Sports Marketing. “Sierra Designs is one of the true authentic outdoor brands that is dedicated to the vision and passion of adventure seekers. I look forward to being part of the ongoing commitment to innovation and inspiration that is the essence of Sierra Designs as well as sharing that passion with our dealers and end consumer.”

Tom Hammond and Rod Thomas of Adventure Marketing Group were awarded the 2006 outstanding achievement award from Sierra Designs. The team's spring 2007 pre-season orders were up 41.4 percent over spring 2006, the fall 2007 pre-season orders were up over 200 percent from fall 2006. In addition, Adventure Marketing Group re-connected with many key dealers to increase business.

"Adventure Marketing Group joined Sierra Designs late in 2006, but jumped in immediately and had a tremendous impact through reconnecting with key dealers in the southeast, and increasing fall 2007 Preseason business by over 200 percent,” said Matthews. “Because of these initial efforts I would like to congratulate Tom Hammond and Rod Thomas on winning the Outstanding Achievement award for 2006."

"We are thrilled to have won the Outstanding Achievement award for 2006 for Sierra Designs,” said Tom Hammond, of Adventure Marketing Group. "We would not have been able to achieve this recognition without the help of a great brand, product innovations and the folks at Sierra Designs."

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