SGMA Finding: Sportrs Gear, Clothing & Shoe Sales Near $60 Billion

Sales are steady and, at times, quite strong. According to SGMA's 2006 Recreation Market Report, manufacturers' sales of sporting goods equipment, sports apparel, and athletic footwear in the U.S. totaled $57.6 billion in 2005.

SGMA's Recreation Market Report Released/Available Online

WASHINGTON, D.C. – August 16, 2006 – Sales are steady and, at times, quite strong. That's one way to summarize sales for the U.S. sports products industry, which is approaching $60 billion (at wholesale). According to the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association's Recreation Market Report (2006 edition), manufacturers' sales of sporting goods equipment, sports apparel, and athletic footwear in the U.S. totaled $57.6 billion in 2005 - a 10 percent increase over 2004.

Sporting goods equipment sales remained strong -- $19.0 billion in 2005 vs. $18.4 billion in 2004. The five largest categories of sporting goods equipment are:
• Exercise Equipment Machines ($4.2 billion);
• Golf ($2.9 billion);
• Firearms/Hunting ($2.1 billion);
• Camping ($1.6 billion); and
• Fishing ($1.1 billion).

Sport categories registering significant sales gains were:
• Snowboards (up 21.0% to $190 million);
• Exercise Equipment (up 16.6% to $4.182 billion);
• Racquetball (up 15.8% to $22 million);
• Archery (up 12.9% to $314 million);
• Soccer (up 11.1% to $280 million);
• Tennis (up 6.3% to $236 million);
• Alpine Snow Skiing (up 6.0% to $282 million);
• Volleyball (up 5.9% to $72 million);
• Fishing (up 5.6% to $1.11 billion); and
• Firearms/Hunting (up 3.4% to $2.1 billion).

In exercise equipment, treadmill sales account for 27.9% of that category. Also, sales of elliptical machines increased by 11.7% -- from $180 million in 2004 to $201 million in 2005. After treadmills, the next three largest fitness categories are home gyms ($325 million), elliptical machines ($210 million), and free weights ($195 million). Consumer spending for exercise equipment accounts for 80.6% of the entire exercise equipment category.

In team sports, the five leading categories were:
• Baseball/Softball ($497 million);
• Basketball ($385 million);
• Paintball ($330 million);
• Soccer ($280 million); and
• Football ($130 million).

Sports apparel sales rose 11.3% in 2005. It is the largest segment of the sports and recreation industry with sales of $26.6 billion. Activewear tops had the highest sales -- $15.6 billion in 2005. Activewear tops also had the highest percentage gain – 15.3% (from $13.554 billion in 2004 to $15.633 billion in 2005). Other sports apparel items experiencing sales growth were sweatshirts, sweatpants/shorts, outerwear, shorts, socks, caps/hats, and team uniforms.

Athletic footwear sales rose 19.3% in 2005. Total sales were $11.96 billion, compared with $10.03 billion in 2004. The three athletic footwear categories which exceeded the billion dollar mark are:
• Running/Jogging ($3.15 billion);
• Basketball ($2.3 billion); and
• Cross-Training/Fitness ($1.05 billion).

The growth categories in athletic footwear were recreational boots (up 20.7%), cross-training/fitness (up 18.8%), sport sandals (up 15.6%), walking (up 12.2%), basketball (up 10.8%), running (up 8.9%), hiking (up 8.7%), aerobic (up 8.5%), tennis (up 8.3%), and low performance (up 3.5%). New categories in the athletic footwear category are cleated ($375 million) and skate/surf ($721 million).

The SGMA's Recreation Market Report is based on data from industry trade associations, a panel consisting of sporting goods companies' marketing experts, and SGMA market research studies. It is the only report of its kind with such extensive coverage of the industry's products and represents the most accurate picture of the sporting goods industry size and sales trends. It should be noted that all figures are based on manufacturers' shipments (including imports) in the U.S. market and expressed in wholesale, not retail, dollar values.

The Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association, owner of the Sports Research Partnership, is the global business trade association of manufacturers, retailers, and marketers in the sports products industry. SGMA enhances industry vitality and fosters sports, fitness, and active lifestyle participation. More information about SGMA can be found at


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