Setting the Bar for Eyewear in 2013: Switch Vision - SNEWS

Setting the Bar for Eyewear in 2013: Switch Vision

The inventors of Switch demanded better sunwear options.This innovative company has answered the multi-sport athletes prayers with their magnetic interchangeable lens system for every light condition.

After testing, retailing, and racing with Switch Magnetic Eyewear for nearly a year, we like to think of ourselves as an authority on the brand. Switch Vision was named the official eyewear of the premiere adventure racing series in the U.S. (ECARS) in 2011 and the #1 adventure racing team in the nation, TeamSOG.
Since our partnership our athletes, staff, and consumers have been testing the system worldwide. Having an interchangeable lens system is an integral part of training to any multi-sport athlete. You want to be able to see the best you can in any light condition including night. The magnetic system embedded in their frames has proven to hold lenses in even the harshest of conditions, ranging from white water to downhill mountain biking.
Full frame models like the Boreal offer the user an aggressive design with styling for sport performance, the athlete simply needs to push the lens out of the frame and the magnetic “sucks” your next lens type right back in. Our user favorite the H-wall stands out as the #1 multi-sport frame on the market. The H-wall's face-form chassis and 8-base lenses prevent light leakage. Vented nose pads enhance airflow; our staff can honestly say this is the only pair of sunglasses ever used that doesn't fog up in the heat. The temples are anatomically shaped and are encased in rubber to ensure a secure and comfortable fit, weather you're an adventure racer, ultra runner, mountain biker or weekend warrior don't waste your money on any other brand.

About Switch Vision:
The inventors of Switch demanded better sunwear options. Traditional fixed lens sunglasses work will in some light conditions, but not others. Mechanical interchangeable lens systems are clumsy and can be difficult to use. Contact lens wearers need plano sunglasses some days and Rx suns on others. This is why Switch Vision came up with the world's first eyewear with a Magnetic Interchangeable Lens System TM .This provides consumers unparalleled convenience, speed and ease of use: an idea born of necessity. For more information, please visit us at

About The East Coast Adventure Racing Series:
In its inaugural 2010 season the East Coast Adventure Racing Series surpassed both Checkpoint Tracker and USARA in gear sponsorship, social media hype, and prize purse. Their successes relies greatly on the full time team at American Adventure Sports working diligently to build hype via social media platforms, websites, and continually building relationships with sponsorships they have been nurturing for many years. Their 2013 season promises more races and prizes than ever before. For more information, please visit us at:


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