Sequoia Fitness Donates Product to Fight Childhood Obesity

Sequoia Fitness Products USA recently donated BMI Growth Calculators to Shape Up America in its effort to fight childhood obesity. The product measures BMI, height, and weight percentiles of children.

Sequoia Fitness Products USA recently made its 2011 goodwill contributions in its effort to fight childhood obesity. Valued at over $35000, the company donated several thousand Tonus PE Growth and BMI Calculators.

These devices are used to monitor children's BMI, height, and weight percentiles. The units incorporate the CDC charts for growth, so parents, educators, and physicians can monitor the growth rate of their children, just as a pediatrician does during annual physicals. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends the monitoring of BMI percentiles of children starting at age 2.

Sequoia Fitness donated over 2000 units to Shape Up America! The purpose of Shape Up America! is to educate the public on the importance of the achievement and maintenance of a healthy body weight through the adoption of increased physical activity and healthy eating.

Sequoia Fitness also donated 288 pieces to the Montana Nutrition and Physical Activity Program housed at Montana State University. The mission of MT NAPA is to decrease the prevalence of obesity and improve the health of Montanans through policy and environmental changes and statewide/community interventions. The purpose of this statewide project is to prevent and control obesity in Montana through healthful eating and physical activity.

“We are honored to affiliate with these prestigious organizations,” says spokesperson Matt Chalek. “These organizations perform a great service to our country in the fight against childhood obesity.”

Sequoia Fitness is a global company that develops, manufactures, and markets products to help people monitor their body fat percentage and other body measurements. Its flagship products include the award winning Warrior Digital Body Mass Caliper, and Defender and MetaCal body fat calipers. It also markets the OrbiTape Body Tape Measure and Hydrafit Workout Towels.

For more information on Sequoia Fitness Products USA, please see, email, or contact the company at 720-339-5962.


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