Sequoia Fitness Begins Production on new Caliper

Sequoia Fitness will begin production of a new digital caliper based on an old design. This will appeal to larger companies seeking digital calipers for their own branding strategy.

Sequoia Fitness Products USA is pleased to celebrate its 3rd year in business. The company now has a full line of body fat calipers, body tape measures, body fat calculators, body fat and diet software, hi-speed jump ropes, and pain therapy products.

Recently the company was awarded worldwide distribution and manufacturing rights to the digital body fat caliper known as FatTrack by AccuFitness. Mr. Ma Wai Lun, inventor and manufacturing rights holder to the FatTrack design, terminated a distribution-only agreement with AccuFitness earlier in 2008.

According to Mr. Ma, ”Since I had stopped manufacturing the FatTrack item for AccuFitness, I have learned that they approached another company to manufacture my proprietary item. This is considered unethical and illegal under Chinese law and I intend to pursue all avenues to cease the production and distribution of this item. Furthermore, I will also notify U.S. Customs and the FDA of this activity.“

Sequoia Fitness will pursue larger companies interested in either private branding this item or purchasing under its house brand, Avenger, while continuing to market its technically superior Warrior Digital Body Mass and Defender Body Fat Calipers.

Companies interested in a low cost, private branded version, delivered for only $12.49 can contact Matt Chalek at


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