Seek Dry Goods sets out to disrupt the Outdoor Lifestyle retail market

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Seek Dry Goods sets out to disrupt the Outdoor Lifestyle retail market

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Milwaukee, WI – July 21, 2017

large_37c1764f3282ded98297502da3da0e87 announces their official launch of an outdoor lifestyle brand that will disrupt the industry with affordable and responsible products, many of which are made in the USA. Our goal is simple said, Co-Founder Larry McMahon, “Make the best possible product at the best possible price and in the best possible way for our environment.”

The company is launching with an assortment of graphic t-shirts for Men and Women that are made in the USA with responsible materials, including organic cotton and recycled polyester (from recycled plastic bottles). Seek Dry Goods has partnered with Artists / Seekers from across the country to create authentic, hand drawn graphics. “We want our customers to feel an emotional connection with our products and what better way to create that connection than to have our graphics drawn by artists who are passionate and obsessed with adventure and the outdoors,” said Co-Founder Amanda McMahon. The company is selling these t-shirts for $24.50, positioning them up to 50% less than many competitors in the Outdoor Industry.

The company is aiming to serve a customer segment they refer to as Seekers. “A Seeker is someone who is passionate and obsessive about adventure and the outdoors. Whether it’s hiking, climbing, mountain biking, trail running, camping, mountaineering, skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, kayaking, paddle boarding or any other awesome activity I might have missed. Seekers don’t just love one of these activities, they love many, if not all. Seekers are never satisfied. We are always Seeking that next adventure or experience,” said Co-Founder Amanda McMahon.

Seek Dry Goods is currently selling their products at, and is actively working with several independent outdoor retail stores on distribution for Fall 2017. “We love everything about independent outdoor specialty stores, from the overall vibe and the passion of the employees to their knowledge of not only their product, but of the area around the shop. We want to see these stores win and we are confident we can be a big part of that success,” said Co-Founder Larry McMahon.

The company is committed to having a positive impact on both their customers as well as the environment. Seek Dry Goods is a member of 1% For the Planet, in which they donate 1% of their sales to support both local and national environmental non-profits.

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