Sea To Summit Ultra-Sil Products - Backpacker Editor's Choice

Sea to Summit is proud to announce that their Ultra-Sil Dry Sacks and Ultra-Sil Pack Liners have been honored as a recipient of the 2006 Backpacker magazine Editor’s Choice Award, the most prestigious award in the outdoor industry.

Boulder, CO March 30, 2006 – Sea to Summit is proud to announce that their Ultra-Sil Dry Sacks and Ultra-Sil Pack Liners have been honored as a recipient of the 2006 Backpacker magazine Editor's Choice Award, the most prestigious award in the outdoor industry, given annually to products in recognition of their outstanding innovation in design, materials and/or performance.

Backpacker Editor-In-Chief Jonathan Dorn and his staff of editors and testers presented Sea to Summit with the award at the annual Outdoor Retailer Winter Market in Salt Lake City, UT on January 28th.

The Backpacker Editors' Choice Awards, bestowed annually since 1993, honor the products that Backpacker editors have chosen as the best of the year based on months of trail testing by teams of highly experienced hikers and climbers. With no set categories for the awards and no set number of recipients, the products and the testing process drive the award categories.

Sea to Summit's Ultra-Sil Dry Sacks & Pack Liners were one of only 15 innovative products that have been honored with a 2006 Backpacker Editors' Choice Award.

Sea to Summit launched their exceptionally lightweight Ultra-Sil products in the summer of 2005. Serious backpackers and adventure travelers instantly recognized them as a real innovation. Made of DuPont's Siliconized Cordura®, these roll-top closure waterproof sacks and pack liners are the lightest waterproof bags on the market - the 8 Liter Ultra-Sil Dry Sack weighs just 1.1 oz!

The breakthrough innovation was in how Sea to Summit made the Ultra-Sil sacks waterproof – they figured out how to tape the seams to Siliconized Cordura®, a fabric that doesn't let anything stick to it. Once that technical hurdle was overcome, they had only to perfect the rest of the design details. They put a strip of non-wicking Hypalon® on the top edge of the bag, which gives a better seal to the roll-top design. To cut the weight even more, the sacks are closed with a small, low profile buckle. The Ultra-Sil sacks even make packing your backpack or duffle bag easier because the finish is super slippery. Plus, the Sil Cordura® fabric is virtually transparent, so you have good visibility of the contents of the sack.

“This year's Editors' Choice Award winners have emerged out of the most rigorous testing process in our space,” said Editor-In-Chief Jonathan Dorn. “Our test team looked at more than 50 new products this year, and spent hundreds of days evaluating the gear on trails from Alaska to the Alps. What sets the award winners apart are great innovation, value, and dependability.”

“We go to great lengths in testing for one simple reason: We want our readers to enjoy their time outdoors. When they pick up the magazine, they know they can count on our awards and product reviews—we're out there suffering so they don't have to.”

“We're extremely proud to be recognized by Backpacker for the Ultra-Sil products” Andrew Dunbar, president of Sea to Summit USA. “Sea to Summit's focus of innovation is to make the basics, like stuff sacks, better and lighter. It's really great that gear so elementary to all backpackers can get the same accolades that a tent or a pack can.”
The complete list of Backpacker 2006 Editors' Choice Award winners were officially announced to the general public in the magazine's April issue.

About Sea to Summit: For the past fifteen years, Sea to Summit has been the leading designer and manufacturer of innovative, lightweight backpacking and adventure travel gear in Australia. They constantly strive to meet the needs of the hard-core minimalist, as well as the discerning traveler who demand gear that's reliable, versatile and durable – all in the smallest load possible.

Sea to Summit was named in honor of co-founder Tim McCartney-Snape's incredible 1990 solo expedition from the Bay of Bengal in India to the top of Mt. Everest. Whether your adventures take you to the sea or to a summit or places in between, Sea to Summit's products will more than earn their space in your bag. For more information on the Ultra-Sil Dry Sacks and Ultra-Sil Pack Liners visit

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