Schoeller Sponsors Katerina Lankova at Aspen Fashion Week

Schoeller sponsors Katerina Lankova at BJeweled during Aspen Fashion Week

Katerina Lankova Haute Couture will be debuting STEE_LETAS™ legwear during Aspen Fashion Week, March 14-19, as a main accessory to her looks.Katerina’s collection will be a mix of hi-tech materials and vintage, inspired by the active woman who travels the world. You will see the influence of each and every place Katerina have lived as well as her variety of skills from ballet's costumes, evening couture to skiwear during a presentation show at BJewel on Thursday evening, March 18th.

In addition, showcased will be a unique ski outfit Katerina has created for Kristen Ulmer, former world class professional skier and renowned extreme athlete and founder of Ski to Live.The full collection will feature innovative Schoeller Fabrics.

“I am really excited to bring my designs back to Aspen.Having lived in Aspen for 6 years and finding endless inspiration from the people and the place, it means the world to me to take part in such a provocative and incredible event,” says Katerina.“I wouldn’t be able to do this without partnering with Schoeller.I absolutely love working with their fabrics and feel lucky to have such a strong connection with them.”

“Katerina’s innovations are remarkable.The STEE_LETA’s are an example of her imagination, design, and forward thinking perspective that is a fantastic realization of what the textile designers in Switzerland have in mind in their own creative process. Her use of images and pop culture really push the boundaries of the use of our fabrics and her creations are functional, fashion forward, and simply one of a kind,” says Shannon Walton, PR/Marketing of Schoeller Textil North America.

Every outfit in the show at BJeweled will feature her STEE_LETAS™ legwear and her collections can be seen on her website:

About Katerina Lankova Haute Couture

Katerina Lankova grew up in communist Czechoslovakia. After graduating from the Textile and Manufacture School of Design in Liberec, she moved to London. She never planned to move to US, but after three years in Prague and working a corporate job, a coincidence brought her to Aspen CO. Her passion for skiing led her to design a pair of ski pants. She likes the challenge of designing highly technical skiwear; yet finds it more fun ever since she found sourcing and inspiration in Schoeller's materials. She currently resides in New York City where she constantly seeks influence and experiences to drive her design creations.

About Schoeller Textil:

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