Schoeller Launches New Online Presence

schoeller logo

Schoeller Textil AG, a global leader in high-performance textile manufacturing, is unveiling its new online presence with a completely redesigned website that guides visitors through the virtual world of the innovative textile and textile technology provider and its nearly 150-year old heritage. With fresh imagery, clear structure and a responsive design, the Schoeller site visitor is introduced to Schoeller’s six business divisions for an overview of the entire portfolio of cutting-edge products.

The new Schoeller website highlights the full range of textile groups and textile technologies, along with current customers utilizing those products. As sustainability has always been at the forefront of Schoeller’s business practices, its fully-integrated production plant and overall efforts in that capacity are brought to life, as well as the long, rich history of the traditional Swiss company. 

Six different divisions

Schoeller’s portfolio encompasses six different divisions: “Performance Textiles“ - for highly-functional fabrics for sports, fashion and urban lifestyle. “Protection Textiles“ - focuses on comfortable protective textiles that increase performance capacity and provide protection from the elements and hazards. “Eschler Knitting Textiles“ - encompasses innovative knitted fabrics for lifestyle and professional sports applications.

Technologies and Licensing“ - offers smart textile technologies for the various requirements of the textile industry and makes these available to brand and production partners in the form of patents and trade brands. “Care Textiles“ - makes technical textile know-how accessible for consumer products and technologies in the healthcare area. “Eschler Technical Textiles” - are innovative knitted fabrics for technical areas of application, produced at the German Eschler Textil GmbH site in Balingen.

Sustainable development and production

Founded in 1868 with headquarters in Switzerland, Schoeller Textil AG is a global leader in high-performance textile manufacturing specializing in the sustainable development and production of innovative textiles and textile technologies. As a system supplier of solution-oriented products, Schoeller addresses specific customer requirements and supplies its customers and partners with tangible added value.

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