The all-new sneaker line melds eco-friendly materials, comfort, and style.

SAOLA Shoes is psyched to introduce their spring collection of sustainable kicks, featuring all-new styles and materials in a rainbow of colors. Designed for everyday life, the classically styled collection of sneakers is made with an impressive list of recycled and bio-based materials, remaining true to the mantra of the eco-conscious brand: MAKE AN IMPACT.

Each year, 25 billion pairs of shoes are manufactured world-wide, almost none of them sustainably, making footwear a major contributor to the textile manufacturing industry’s status of, “world’s second largest polluter.” Research shows that sixty to seventy percent of the environmental footprint of a pair of shoes is a result of the product’s materials, which is why SAOLA has made eco-construction the central pillar their manufacturing strategy. The spring collection features partially recycled PET for the uppers, algae foam outsoles and insoles, natural cork liners, and organic cotton laces. All combined, they are some of the most eco-friendly shoes on the market.

“We’ve learned a lot of lessons and made great strides in our first year,” says SAOLA founder, Guillaume Linossier. “Our first two collections were strong from an eco-materials standpoint, but some of the styles had quality issues. This is the first collection where I feel like we’ve achieved the goals in sustainable materials while also delivering the style and comfort we intended.”

That style and comfort are crucial in order for the sustainability to even matter, as most people won’t buy shoes if they don’t look and feel good. For SAOLA, it means designing shoes that combine a more urban-inspired aesthetic while remaining appealing to their outdoor-minded target customer. To do that, they stuck with silhouettes that many consider go-tos and made them in “safe” colors, like blues and greys, along with mixing in some of the season’s hottest colors and trends, like monochrome olive and rose gold.

As for comfort, the algae foam outsoles (made by Bloom Foam) are extremely lightweight, making them easy to wear and pack for summer’s various travels, while rubber panels in the high-traction areas assure durability. They’ve also introduced knit in three of the styles, which improves breathability and stretch while minimizing seams.

SAOLA’s new collection retails between eighty and ninety dollars on and through select outdoor and independent retailers. One percent of SAOLA's sales is donated to wildlife conservation.

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About SAOLA:

SAOLA Shoes was founded in 2016 with two clear missions: One - design eco-friendly shoes and push for improvements in sustainable manufacturing, and two - support wildlife preservation by donating a portion of our sales to conservation groups. We use as many recycled and bio-based materials in our sneakers, aiming to meld comfort and style for those who value nature and playing outside as much as we do. The future of the planet is in our hands. Together, we can #MAKEANIMPACT.  


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