Ryders Celebrates Homecoming of Company Founder

Brent Martin returns to executive roster on company’s 25th anniversary

NORTH VANCOUVER, Canada– Ryders Eyewear, premier designers of performance eyewear for bike, run and outdoor, today announced that company founder Brent Martin will return as a Brand Ambassador and the Canadian Sales Manager effective February 2011.

Brent Martin's return to Ryder Eyewear coincides with the 25th anniversary of his historic accomplishments in 1986. Twenty- five years ago, Brent claimed the title as the first Canadian Mountain Bike Champion. That same year, he also launched Ryders Eyewear.

Commenting on his five year hiatus, during which he traded his sales and management role for a position on Ryders' Board of Directors, Brent stated, “I had to take a step back to see the bigger picture. My passion for the brand, lifestyle and ideals we uphold has grown in a whole new dimension.”
During that five-year span, Brent took time to travel and hit the trails with his family, living the lifestyle that the Ryders brand embraces. Upon his return, Brent endeavors to stoke the creative fire of the sales and brand management programs and campaigns. He will also be working with new and existing dealers to help grow their sunglass business.

In his dual-role as a Brand Ambassador and the Canadian Sales Manager, Brent plans on making Ryders Eyewear the vehicle to a healthier community that is more actively connected to the outdoors. He hopes to implement races, rides and relays for the company and community and conduct an overhaul of the way Ryders employees commute to work. Brent makes his 40 minute commute via bike trails to the office, and he intends on having members of his sales team integrate public transportation and bicycles to meetings and sales calls. “I have a lot of passion for the brand and what it stands for,” Brent continued, “I want Ryders to be known for more than just making and selling great gear. I want people to know we are here to improve the health of our community and to bring something better to the world.”

2011 is already a busy year for the company; the rebrand, new logo and 25th anniversary all recently kicked off at Winter Outdoor Retailer. Brent and the team will be celebrating the milestone with a series of events for the duration of 2011, including a 25th Anniversary “Totally Bitchin' Since 1986” race in Vancouver. The event will take place on the very trail that Brent claimed his Canadian Mountain Bike Champion title… 25 years ago.

For more information on Ryders Eyewear and the 25th anniversary events, please visit www.ryderseyewear.com

About Ryders Eyewear:
Ryders Eyewear, based in adrenaline sport mecca North Vancouver, British Columbia, puts their backyard to good use testing the endurance and performance attributes of their eyewear products. Using 25 years of dirt, rock & snow cred, Ryders designs performance eyewear for bike, run & outdoor. For more information on Ryders Eyewear, visit www.ryderseyewear.com or contact Devon Sibole at Outside PR, devon@outsidepr.com or 415.561.6267.