Boulder, Co (April 23, 2018) RovR Products, makers of the most feature-packed cooler on the market, has teamed up with local Boulder, CO artist Phil Lewis to offer kaleidoscopic, art-adorned wagon-bins. The artist bins will feature Lewis’outdoor-inspired designs; Flight of the Grizzly, Jellyfish Nimbus, Owl Eyes and Red-Tailed Hawk. RovR purchasers will be able to choose from five cooler colors and the four Phil Lewis Art bins for twenty custom combinations.

RovR’s wagon bins pop-up to tow stuff like chairs, blankets, and tents to your destination on the wheeled RollR series of coolers. They then collapse into a comfy seat pad that straps to your cooler and provides extra insulation. The dimensions for the RollR 60 bins are 20” X 13” X13”, perfect for bringing everything you need to festivals, picnics, camping and (with the modular bike attachment) your next ride. When the cooler is not being used, the bins also stand-alone as gorgeous storage receptacles.

“We love Phil’s work and think that the collaboration bins are a great way for folks to customized their RollR’s ,” said Tom DeFrancia, CEO of RovR Products. “Nothing beats gathering around the RollR base camp after an awesome show. The presence of Phil’s art adds just a little more magic to that moment.”

Other features that set RovR’s coolers apart include high-performance 9” puncture-resistant tires, a dry-bin so your food doesn’t get soggy, a modular fold-out cutting board and dual cup holders, a stash bag for your wallet/keys and 10-day ice retention. Also available is a lightweight bike hitch so you can take it along on your ride. The RollR’s are bear-tested to keep the pesky ursine population out of your supplies.

“I’m grateful for the ability to create this art,” said Phil Lewis, owner of Phil Lewis Art. “Through it, I hope to bring as much positive energy into the world as possible”. Combining Lewis’ aesthetically-pleasing artwork with the incredible utility of the RollR series coolers will enhance the positive vibes at your next outdoor gathering.

The Phil Lewis Art bins will be available for the RollR 60 on RovR’s website, at Jax Outdoors and other select retailers beginning on 4/25.

About RovR Products

Founded in 2016 and based in Boulder, Colorado, RovR Products crafts premium coolers and accessories that transport gear from the car to the campsite as quickly and easily as possible. Offering the finest food storage performance available, RovR creates a new standard in the cooler market with all-terrain high-performance wheels and a list of accessories that set them apart from the crowd. Available in the standard or cyclist-friendly BikR, RovR coolers will go easily wherever your adventures take you.

About Phil Lewis Art

Living in Colorado fuels this inspiration for me daily, and the landscapes that surround me appear frequently in my art. Lately, I’ve been developing a style of artwork that combines pen drawings and digital design. While I have always appreciated the raw nature of pen and ink, I’m also intrigued by the endless possibilities of the digital canvas. By combining the two, I aim to create images that feel both organic, and state of the art, at the same time. You’ve likely seen my work throughout the Boulder, Colo. area, as well as a number of music festivals and jam band shows, including but not limited to Electric Forest, Wakarusa, High Sierra Music Festival, Phases of the Moon, String Cheese Incident, Telluride Bluegrass Festival, EOTO, etc.



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