Rock Creek Outfitters Leases Space at Two North Shore

Rock Creek Outfitters, locally owned by Dawson Wheeler and Marvin Webb since 1986, has signed a lease to occupy approximately 9,000 square feet right next to the planned new Greenlife Grocery store (27,000 sq. ft.).

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 28, 2006--CS & Associates, an affiliate of Park Mills Properties 2, LLC, announces that it has now acquired the balance of the land needed to build Two North Shore, a 95,000 square foot mixed use project on Manufacturers Road near US 27, anchored by a new Greenlife Grocery store in the North Shore region of Chattanooga. Park Mills' managing partner, Steve Arnsdorff, announced that Rock Creek Outfitters, locally owned by Dawson Wheeler and Marvin Webb since 1986, has signed a lease to occupy approximately 9,000 square feet right next to the planned new Greenlife Grocery store (27,000 sq. ft.). Steve said "Rock Creek is the perfect compliment to Greenlife Grocery. Greenlife is the benchmark in natural and organic foods in this region and their success has been amazing. Both companies are strong regional businesses that have great business models and they help anchor the retail market in the North Shore area of Chattanooga. We are very bullish regarding residential growth in the immediate area of this development and with the property's regional location near Highway 27, these new stores will better serve their existing and future customers".

Dawson Wheeler, co-owner of Rock Creek Outfitters, said "we are excited about a new store on the north shore. We will relocate our existing store on Tremont to Two North Shore (the new project). Clearly, we can better provide for our customers with this location and in this project with Greenlife. Parking, always a premium on the north shore, is plentiful and the type of development that is planned will be quite exciting for this area. We are happy to be a part of it". Rock Creek has been in business on the north shore for over 10 years and Dawson noted that the residential growth in this area of Chattanooga was really taking off. "The residential growth can only do great things for this area and we want to continue to provide the quality shopping experience our customers expect. With a larger store, we can do this". Chuck Pruett, President of Greenlife Grocery, responding to the news said "Rock Creek will be a great partner next to our new Greenlife location as they are as committed to quality as we are and a large portion of our customer base overlaps. The quality of foods and natural foods we offer to the market is a great fit with Rock Creek's commitment to healthy lifestyles through outdoor activities of hiking and boating, just to name a few". Paul Brock, President of the River City Company indicated "Rock Creek Outfitters is a terrific addition to the Two North Shore Development. It is wonderful to see local businesses flourish and grow with our community."

Mr. Arnsdorff indicated that Park Mills Properties 2, LLC hopes to begin construction soon. Arnsdorff said "you will likely see some activity on the site, now that we own all the parcels we needed for our development. We purchased approximately 2.5 acres, formerly occupied by Northside Lumber earlier this month, bringing the total land we own to approximately 6.5 acres. In June, we will begin with some minor demolition and move quickly towards our major site work later in the summer". When asked about other tenants, Mr. Arnsdorff said "we have many other tenants interested in our project and we are going through the lease documentation process as we speak. Once we have signed leases, we will have other announcements to make". In addition to Greenlife and Rock Creek, Two North Shore will have an additional 25,000 square feet of second floor office space and it will have another 25,000 sq. feet of ground floor retail space.

Construction of Two North Shore should coincide with construction of One North Shore, the 200 unit condo project almost across the street from each other. Mr. Arnsdorff, a principal in that project as well, had no firm comment about specific construction timing for the One North Shore project other than to say "The Fletcher Bright Company is running point on One North Shore and they are doing a wonderful job. We hope both projects will open in similar time frames".

About Rock Creek Outfitters:
Rock Creek Outfitters is a specialty outdoor retailer with two decades of brick and mortar experience in the Southeast. With a dedicated staff of outdoor enthusiasts and gear experts, Rock Creek offers only the very best outdoor apparel and equipment from top brands like The North Face, Marmot, Patagonia, Chaco, Montrail, Arc'Teryx, and others to ensure that customers are safe and comfortable in the outdoors. Rock Creek Outfitters along with its online specialty shops, and, provides quality gear for a host of outdoor sports including kayaking, rock climbing, camping, hiking, trail running, and adventure racing. As a leader in the outdoor industry and in the larger community, Rock Creek uses outdoor retail as a platform to encourage outdoor recreation and environmental stewardship and to improve access to the backcountry. Rock Creek is also the host of the annual StumpJump 50K Trail Race, attracting top competitors from across the nation, and is a major sponsor of the Triple Crown Bouldering Series.