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Ritchey Design Issues Redesigned “Fit Logic” Consumer Poster

Intended as a retail sales tool, the updated Fit Logic poster explains how to use fitted stem, handlebar and seatpost components to enhance comfort and performance

SAN CARLOS, Calif. – Oct. 5, 2009 – Last week at the 2009 Interbike International Bicycle Expo, Ritchey Design debuted its updated “Fit Logic” poster, which can be used as a sales tool to help retailers explain the benefits of custom bike fitting to consumers.

According to Ritchey Design's Fit Logic philosophy, “The best performance is achieved when a bike fits the unique and individual dimensions of the rider." The redesigned Fit Logic poster includes diagrams of how the different fit options of Ritchey stems, handlebars and seatposts affect a rider's body position on the bike. The fit benefits of each component are described next to each diagram. Sample images of Ritchey stems, handlebars and seatposts are included as a reference along the bottom of the poster.

Ritchey retailers are encouraged to place the poster in a shop fitting area or high traffic customer zone to help generate opportunities for explaining and selling the benefits of good bike fit.

Ritchey Design recently distributed the updated Fit Logic poster to its dealers and introduced it at the 2009 Interbike International Expo. Ritchey Design dealers that haven't received a poster and would like one mailed to them at no charge should contact Ritchey at rd_ info_line@ritcheylogic.com. To view a photo of the new poster, please visit http://ritcheylogic.com/fit_logic.phtml.

About Ritchey Design, Inc.
Ritchey Design, founded by Northern California road racer, mountain bike pioneer and product innovator Tom Ritchey in 1974, is well-known for its technical merits through attention to detail during the product design phase, resulting in high-quality, reasonably priced road and mountain bike components. As part of its Fit Logic philosophy, Ritchey Design offers a wide range of “cockpit” components (handlebars, stems and seatposts) that help riders custom fit their bikes for a more efficient and comfortable ride. Ritchey Design also offers a complete line of innovative products ranging from headsets to tires for professional racers and the serious weekend rider, as well as its line of “Break-Away” travel bicycles for traveling cyclists. For more information about Ritchey Design, please visit www.ritcheylogic.com.

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